Ms2020 sim update 10 beta no DLSS for me

All I see in the beta is AMD sharpening.
I’m using Matt’s openxr runtime for Pimax.
No DLSS option in graphics settings. Is there another download (beta) that I have somehow missed?
Help anyone?


I don’t even see amd fsr myself or dlss. I just did an msfs update so i was hoping to find something i was missing here. I did say something failed to update sooo.

The DLSS setting is under anti-aliasing where you normally set TAA. Have you looked there?

What version of MSFS are you seeing in the title bar? 1.27.something?

Oh good grief- I never checked the anti-aliasing settings! D’oh!

Make sure you set DLSS in “VR” setting under Graphics menu, Not just “PC” setting. You need to adjest both settings.

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Yup… got it! thanks guys.
It’s working really well, except I can’t get DLSS to work in wide FOV in either steam or openxr Pimax runtime.
The two screens just flicker. Works great in Normal view tho’, and about 10fps faster in Matt’s openxr runtime mode than in steam. That’s with a lot of options on High or Ultra. I used to get about 11 fps in Steam with those settings; now I get 22 in steam, and 30-37 fps using Matt B.'s runtime. Between Matt getting this done, and Asobo finally eliminating the need for parallel projection in the pimax. FS2020 is hugely improved!


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