MRTV VR Days 2019 in Amsterdam


skip first 5 minutes if you know MRTV :slight_smile:


Better comfort that the Valve Index?! Wow, can’t wait.

Now just need to polish up the software and we’ll be there.

Does anyone now how thick the new foam is? I’m really happy with the current set up I have for clarity. That is a Vive narrow gasket. Then I have it pinched in tight with the DAS.

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Always great to hear that things like distortion is much improved… Except on the 5k+ wich i downgraded for a unusable 100usd credit.
Oh yes i’m so f###ing exited (…)
Yeah, let’s celebrate these achievements with… uuuhmm… ?
Customer care is the best, and even the backers are cared for in a great way. Empty your pockets, folks, there’s limited time!


Playbackspeed 1.25 or 1.5 :smiley:


Thanks for the Video MRTV.

I still get the feeling Pimax are jumping ahead of themselves.

First, Sweviver said there’s still issues with the cable and waiting for another revision after problems with flashing.

Second, the audio drivers had problems and were faulty.

Third, the audio strap still isn’t finished and needs another revision on the side foam weeks after PD1. How hard is it to produce foam shapes?

No Deluxe Audio strap with headphones on show and the strap they did show - broke.

I mean if you’re going to invest time and effort into a show you want to show your stuff at its best.

The message I got from the show was things are far from finished and with only weeks before launch I doubt this headset will launch at the end of December. If anything I wouldn’t be surprised if it was more like February or March to get everything done and dusted.

Sadly 8k+ and 8kX are still just prototypes and it will take some convincing from owners for me to consider another Pimax headset.


So now we need to write to VR Cover to prepare lether version of this comfort kit . Shame that Pimax ( and others) not covered that part with better for skin material

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Agreed. I am not jumping in just yet either. I mean after their poor CES showing last year was it, this sort of thing should be a thing of the past. Pimax should have learned by now they need to showcase in the best light possible. The lure of high specs alone just won’t be enough to convince any naysayers.


Noob :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: 2x or bust. Also, look at his beautiful face :grin:

I cannot watch any video (youtube, serie…and even some movies) under x1.5 speed since long time now.
When you think about it, it make you watch more videos…gather even more information that someone that doesnt.

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There will be leather cover.


We have tested more than a dozen of difference cable solutions and tweaks the past months. New one coming in from the factory within 2 weeks, which we hope will be the final.

Audio driver is a software problem. Its a temporary issue which the team is working on. We might switch the speakers, but its not going to delay the progress.

The strap is getting final tooling in the factory and once thats done, the mass production begins. This is not a 3D printed head strap. I hope you understand what tooling means.

How hard it is to make a foam? Well its not hard, but it also requires time. Its not about making 10 samples. Its about having a final product ready for mass production of thousands of units.

The headsets are not prototypes, but the revisions we had at VR Days are not final of course. Nor did the XTAL or Vario show final units during the show.


Hi Swrviver thanks for the response. Congrats on VR days. I appreciate the hard work you and the Pimax team put in.

My point is - me personally wouldn’t go to a show unless I had a final product to show. The release date for 8k+ and 8kX is only a few weeks away and the hardware is still being finalised. To me that doesn’t leave enough time for proper testing. The cable for example seems very susceptible to damage. I just see another storm coming when you have mass returns due to flashing, sparkles, dead cables. If these cables are breaking after a few hours use I’m not confident your next iteration is going to be significantly improved for a December deadline.

The Deluxe headphone are not even ready to be shown let alone tested or demo’d let alone sent out.

December is not a realistic deadline, and given Pimaxes history of broken deadlines this one is not looking promising at all even if everything was ready for mass production.

I’m trying to be realistic here without trying to be too critical. Pimax is Pimax and deadlines have never been met since the initial Kickstarter. This is something we have all come to accept.

February or March is more realistic.

I wish Pimax great success and I look forward to your next VR days videos.


hello together…

i visited Pimax on the Vr Days and tried out the Pimax 8k X and the Pimax 8k+ .
i was curious how the difference would be if you own a 5k+ …and i have to make hard descissions to
upgrade or not :- )

my impressions:
the Headstrap was as it should be… comforable on my head… and with the screw on the back…
it was able to shake my head without any trouble or loosing my focuspoint… for me: great!

The Picture Quality of the 8K X was impressive… i couldnt see any screen door effect… the picture was as i wished… crystal clear…
The demo that was shown was a flight simulator… so i looked at teh pannels and was able to read that stuff …

After that i tried the 8K+ and the first thing that came in my mind was: i see a little bit of the screen door effect… My decisssion was made… i want the X !

I was able to have a demo with the Eye Tracking… and it feels awsome… totaly natural … ok… the demo was simple… look at the mole… Bammm! it worked excellent…
Comined with the hand tracking… never want to touch my Controllers again… :- )
They didnt showd Hand Tracking at the Pimax Stand… but i was able to Test it at different other places… if it works like the Hand Tracking by Ixtal or Vajo… awsome…

i tried at Vr Days the Xtal, Vajo and The Pimax Headsets…
For me the Quality of Resolution of the Pimax X was as good as the Xtal… what is something about 6000 Euro…
So iam happy to have an awsome Headset in a price Range that is Possible for a true enthusiast… :- )

So, folks…
go where ever they show the new Headsets and try them for yourselves… its worth it!

greetings from Bremen, Germany


The same company says that the SDE is the same, surely you would see it more in the Pimax 8K+ because you played other games or because you noticed more later.
How about the blacks, have you tried other Pimax, like the 8K?

Hi SweViver I think Pimax is building a very interesting VR offering here but taking in account the history of the PImax campaign it’s sure that a December delivery seems very close.

The tooling is only final after it’s done, externally I don’t see any signs that a December delivery is not the most optimistic date for the shipping of combine products MAS,8K+, 8K-X etc. A this stage the cable problem should have been solved to keep many weeks to internally test the part which has been very problematic on the last version of Pimax Headsets this cost me an additional 70$(shipping/duty) to fix the one on my 5K+ which Pimax gracefully exchange…

XTAL an Vario are not shipping consumers mass market products… this brings me to my final point

Pimax should reconsider the finale dead line date for the backers upgrade program and give backers more time consider the offer. This offer should at least by available for 2 months after the initial shipping otherwise this seems more like a paid pre-order with no warranty on the reliability of the product


You know that the Pimax 8K+ and 8K-X use the sames LCD panels? SDE should be the same…


…and if he did see a significant SDE difference, one imagine that would suggest that the 8k+ unit at hand was either better calibrated than the 8kX one, or the latter was simply more fogged up, or he didn’t get as good a fit…

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Or he never had the IPD set correctly.

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User reports were showing low brightness problems on the 8K-X, different brightness levels and games used should be enough to see more SDE on the 8k+