MRTV Through the lens (with blurry phone) comparison of Varjo, G2 and 8KX

Anyone else here tired of people saying the 8KX is lower quality because it has to support the 4k across a 170 deg FOV?

Thats pretty bogus

G2 2160x2160 @ 90 fov
8KX 3840x2160 @ 170 fov

basically it has (3840 - 2160)/2160 = 78% extra horizontal pixels to account for

170 - 90 / 90 = 88% extra fov so

at most maybe you could argue 10% less detail per degree

but that’s assuming the size of the panels and utilization are equal.


I still find it funny that despite the increase in detail of tge v3. The pimax headsets still can boast something that makes it unique and respectable in its own right …that FOV.

Even if I had a V3 i’d still be constantly eyeballing my 8kx missing that FOV. Which based on the $ would kind of bother me a bit.


Wished he compared the Vive pro 2

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Honestly though what difference would it make. We all know the answer already. And his autofocus only works on the Varjo anyway.

Best leave the TTL videos to Tyriel Wood


Hahaha…That is a very selective auto focus!


It is really sad as he used to take decent pics through the lens in pimax headsets. If I had the ambition it would be interesting to find his 5k+ and og 8k pics; Iirc he dis some with the sneddon test that would demonstrate just how bad his 8kX not final capture is.


After seeing that I did a through the lens with my old cameraphone from 2017 and got this, looks so much better:


Exactly. I did the same as soon as I saw it and posted to discord and another topic here to show even a rushed attempt with my s9+ resulted in a much clearer image than the blurry mess that was shown in that vid.

No ttl will come close to what anyone actually see’s but are useful in some situations to help compare certain specifics… ‘if done well and equally fair’


Looks like Seb has realized and is going to fix things up. Thanks Rain for posting this. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


and here’s the redo, way better now:


Honestly with Tyriel wood not making as many TTL videos lately, @NextGenVR’s TTL videos are actually pretty danmned good.


woah I can read the bottom row! lol🧐

MRTv must still be salty towards Pimax.

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Good find! He must have gotten so much hate from the Non-$3000 headset crowed for making their headsets appear like a rain soaked google cardboard.:laughing:

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The credit goes to both Rain for finding it and Seb for realizing it was not up to his past standards of ttl.


And you for re-mentioning the mention of the re-posting. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thank you for re-mentioning the re-mention of the re-post, I am gratefully more aware of what actually has happened now. :grin:


Well he redid his video after all the hate, lol…it looks a bit better now.


yes, his bias is less obvious now.

I don’t think he is biased. I also went from 5K+ 204 to an 8KX and had a very difficult experience, getting cross-eyed and headaches even though it was set up correctly. I’ve been around for a while, early KS, so I knew how to set it up. Then … still no DMAS. There was also no 3D effect whatsoever.

I wish Pimax would fix the issues at hand and deliver the DMAS. I actually may become customer again then.

Currently on a VP2, which is working great, except for its motion smoothing which I hardly use. It’s sharper than the 8KX and has a good FOV (got a face that fits) and much better color representation. But if Pimax upgraded the 8KX or I could be certain to not receive one in which its lenses are even slightly off and the upper left side of the HMD gets cooked (European power settings guys), I’d buy another Pimax again.


MRTV redid the video here as the 8kx and G2 still were not fair however in the new video the still image of the 8kx in the side by side at 3’58 still isn’t a fair comparison at all- it’s a still of the 8kx in motion and blurred because of the motion- the icon for hellsplit arena in the side by side comparison for the 8kx is blurred but when you go back to the actual 8kx footage when the hellsplit arena icon is still/not moving and in the sweet spot at 0’36 it’s much clearer and sharper than the G2 side by side still shot and very close to the vr-3 still shot in the side by side which is much more accurate- having the 8kx myself I know it’s tack sharp most of the time especially with sharpening added with the FSR mod- go back to those two points in the video as proof and watch in 4k on a large screen- also the vr-3 has better edge to edge clarity vertically but less so horizontally- blurs much sooner on the horizontal plane (which may be related to the distortion of the aspherical lenses)- so all in all the 8kx is much better value at less than a quarter the VR-3 price, especially when the 8kx comes with a much bigger, immersion enhancing fov with clarity which is one of the best going and almost as great as te VR-3- certainly great enough for 99% of all vr games - what resolution did you set the 8kx to? increase moderately above 100% steam resolution and the ppd matches or surpasses the G2 anyway


Are Pimax looking at using the aspheric lens?
Wide FOV + the perfect lens would be the ultimate headset.