MRTV: Pimax 8K Plus Unboxing

Dear all,

I have just received the final 8k Plus! Here is the unboxing!

Of course, going to give this a thorough review as well. But that will take some time!
Bye, Sebastian


It’s going to be interesting to hear if there’s distortion difference between this headset and the 8k-X in your opinion, given that they have the same lenses and panels …


Good point as the 8k+ is final and should be what the X should be once finalized.


Question. i thought that the new vision headsest would use 2 usb and 1 display port. now i see videos with power adapter.

pimax 8kx will have one adapter and on usb or 2 usbs?

@PimaxQuorra can you answer?

The 8kX is currently the only Vision headset that has removed the need for an external 12v adapter.


ok i didnt know it. thanks for the answer.

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The 8K-X needed a new, higher-quality cable (aka expensive) to meet the bandwidth requirements/etc. The other headsets didn’t need the expensive cable to work properly, so they just used the old cable.

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