MRTV Live Interview Pimax Head Of USA


Would recomend them to check how the UK will work when they leave EU for the rest off europé countrys.

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This is refreshing. With his backround this is exactly what they needed


hi pimax usa! this is great

You are also backer too, wow!. Hope we get the same support you get.

They are also going to implement a European customer service center too this is awesome

valve & nvidia are working with pimax

expect to start shipping some controllers in April!

Working on color and vibrant settings for the pi tool

eye tracking in beta, a ways away
nvidia working on driver updates to help pimax
They have internal test versions of the wireless module Hard to implement due to resolution, number of pixels

latest version of pi tool has shaved 10% off the pixels you can not see to improve performance
They will improve the pi tool update logs


I’m sooo pleased by this move Pimax is really getting its act together. I wouldn’t worry about the U.K. I’m 99% sure nothing will change. Great on valve and nvidia making a contribution.

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That cool any problems with my headset ill get a quick fix

Finally a real American engineer with considerable experience on his shoulders, which can really help to mature both Piplay and the drivers side, and provide assistance in the right direction, Pimax really needed people like him, especially because he’s passionate about VR and is a backer himself.