MRTV: Hellblade on Pimax 5K+, 8K & Vive Pro on GTX 1080ti

Yes please. With sugar on top :stuck_out_tongue:


Naah it’s good to have as much videos as possible. (torille btw!)

Just watching this video and omg the mic on the vive gets me every time :joy:
Nice video Mr. TV


We already have the tools to allow people to run all these games at max quality settings, fixed foveated rendering, space warp, and nvidia SMP (later down the road DLSS can help too). nvidia SMP was used in one game that I know of–iRacing, when turn on in VR, FPS jumps from 112fps to like 150. Why aren’t developers making more use of these techs which are not terribly difficult to implement and many users can turn on or make use of.

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@mixedrealityTV It look strange when 8k has better framerate than 5k+.

But it will be great if you can test and update the fps here.
5k+ with Pitool 1.5 , steamVR 100%
8k with Pitool 1.75, steamVR 66%

I reference from

for Pimax 5K+, you can set the rendering quality level 1.5 in PiTool and SS ~100% in SteamVR, The games play smoothly and visual quality looks fanatics.

For Pimax 8K, you need set the rendering quality level 1.75 in PiTool and SS ~60% in SteamVR, The games play smoothly and visual quality looks fanatics.

When we use 2080ti, Although we can make 8k to has sharpness like 5k, but if fps is lower and we have to set low graphic in the game, I am thinking that we will loss benefit of that sharpness of 8k by lower quality of graphic.

p.s. No problem although test by 1080ti, only want to see the different of fps between both setting.

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@mixedrealityTV Could you do a video of performance gains on the low FOV, if you get a chance?

I realize that the point of the HMD is the large FOV, but since this HMD’s competition (from a price standpoint) will likely be the conventional next gen prototypes from the likes of Oculus, ie half dome with its 140 degrees of FOV, it might be good info to have for a hypithetical apples to apples. After all, both you and @SweViver have said that low FOV is still higher than current headsets.

Yesterday, I tried the GTA V VR mod, (its only rendeted in monoscopic) and depth was still very apparent. I played it at 3840x1944 on my 3gb 1060 on my rift, and apart from being very glitchy (because its a hack/mod) visually and FPS wise it was very compelling.

You should mention a monoscopic rendering mode to Pimax. .

Great! Looking forward to it! Best place to test would be a combat situation within planetary rings (a demanding scene to render but where you need a good framerate for gameplay) - brightly lit ice rings also provide a test for contrast/smearing/etc. Failing that, in and around busy stations is also quite demanding and gives an opportunity to check out what the station menus look like.

Although the small fov is wider than vive, but I see that sweviver said that it will not look natural because more bigger area of black.

I think that it will like you are watching screen float on black area like small fov cardboard headset.

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Thats why to actually make use of all 3 FOV modes properly, Pimax need optical elements tailored to each mode that we can swap out.

It may look like Toilet paper tubes, but it would still be nice to know the FPS difference.

Its also why I have suggested a monoscopic rendering mode. The fact that hellblade can only run on low settings at 65hz on a 1080 TI means that Pimax has to come up with optimization solutions if they expect to gain any real matket share in VR.

If this headset requires the highest end card (which right now costs as much as a mid ranged PC,) then its not going to sell well in the mass market

How we shall play on 8k-X ?

Titan 7NM graphics !
Asw !
Brainwarp !
Pi tools at 1.0 or less instead than 1,75 for 8K !
Upscaling in the chipset!

What do you pick between these options ?

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Hey, I have made a question…

Thank you for this realistic test :slight_smile:
Starting without checking fps and adjusting until you could actually enjoy and play a game is what people actually wants.

Not just like some others fps addict that claim we need a RTX when framerate drop to 70 and keep saying the game looks jaggy when lowered, just like if they discovered video games 3 years go. :thumbsup:

Remind me of when people see a motorbike (lets say mine) and ask how fast it can go. They dont get the point of it.


Well unfortunately it was way lower than that…unplayable for me, got a strong stomach but probably not THAT strong. No, won’t buy a 2080ti for that but I loved the test to enjoy the game with what I have right now,even it’s “only” a vive

Well, since Sebastian said he could play at around 45fps, still ridiculous to me to aim for 70fps+ or nothing.
If you get sick I cant argue with that of course, but sticking on the fps instead of enjoying the games is how my kids acted when they played CsGo and people talked them about fps shit and stuff.

Iam probably lucky to dont be sick that easy but same for at least 3 teens at home and Iam the father of 2 so its not genetic ^^.
Actually I no longer check fps for playing for maybe 10 years now, VR or not, if it run ok then…it run ok.
But again, this seems to be some kind of luck.


I totaly get your point that playing should not about numbers. But soon hitting the age of 40 i know what my weeknesses are. I am very sensitive to motion related issues and know that I need to match the Hz with FPS most of the time with any display I use. So I check it in advance. Yes you are are very lucky then, I have friends that even cannot see the difference between 32 or 60 on a 60 Hz pannel or turn off v-sync. Even moving from a 60 to 75 pannel was a great step up for me, using SVP für movies makes a much more relaxed experience for me.

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I can see difference of course, even on a 100hz screen I feel how smooth that is, I also know some people that can see any difference.
It just about for VR, 45 fps is enough to dont be sick and get immersed in the games.

happy for you, I truly am! Just note that it is not unusual for certain people to react differently. Again, no, it’s not just because of the numbers, although I admit that there may be those people as well.

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may be acceptable for a handful of games though IF stuff like ASW works!

There is a difference between 'Yes, this is working and playable" and “Wow, this is really immersive and feels like I’m actually here” in VR.

I know this to be true based on my experiences with my own two existing HMDs (Vive and Rift) and 2+ years of using them while upgrading my PC along the way.

Sure, I can play stuff at 45-65, and It doesn’t make me sick but it’s not the same as playing the exact same game at 90FPS.

The complete lack of frame jumps and fluid head motion of 90FPS vs lower FPS makes a difference in VR. Lower FPS is VR makes me feel like Im enjoying a computer game in VR, while high-end FPS make me feel like the vision through the HMD is actually just my vision.

I loved playing VR for a good 5 months, raved about it anywhere I could, it worked great… Then I upgraded my PC and realized everything I was missing. Take out frame drops and glitches, and it’s almost another thing all together.

To each their own, but if you’ve had a chance to try VR and then also try it on a competent VR PC, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Low FPS wont ruin a game, always, but if you’re trying to immerse into Elite or a sim - Low FPS will constantly remind you you’re playing a game