MRTV: Hellblade on Pimax 5K+, 8K & Vive Pro on GTX 1080ti

Dear community,

here is the next video of my video series where I test popular VR games with the Pimax 8k / 5k+ / Vive Pro on the GTX 1080ti graphics card! This time I am testing Hellblade Senuas’s Sacrifice.

I am testing the game on all quality settings and I am running the games with PiTool V., PiTool Quality 1.0, Steam Supersampling 100% on a GTX 1080ti computer (components in the video description). Hellblade runs on an older build of the Unreal Engine, so compatibility mode for parallel projections has to be checked (cannot make use of new rendering algorithms that were introduce in latest PiTool version).


  • Game does not run well on Very High / High quality settings on both Pimax headsets (around 25fps…)
  • Game runs well on Medium and Low settings on both Pimax headsets (50 to 60 fps) and still looks amazing
  • Large FOV on Pimax headsets is amazing in Hellblade, just like in most games
  • Blacks look so much better on Vive Pro, no comparison at all.
  • Colors look more vibrant as well, OLED vs. LCD is just not a fair comparison
  • Vive Pro can run the game on Very High quality settings (reprojection, but looks good)
  • Image quality and clarity is great on Vive Pro, just FOV is now ridiculously low
  • No big differences in picture quality between Vive Pro and Pimax headsets, just better colors on Vive Pro
  • Slight advantages in SDE for Pimax headsets, but not worlds apart

Again, if you are coming from the Vive Pro / Samsung Odyssey, do NOT expect a huge leap in picture quality. Expect similar quality with a much better FOV that makes all the difference.

Bye, Sebastian


looks like you would just make it on a 2080 with 50fps medium, due to an 8KX upgrade in the next 18 months ultimately the 2080ti would be the best to buy now, you’ll at least get this game on high settings, which will need to go back to medium with 8KX.

You should try some dolphin VR games like metroid or resident evil 4, the FOV makes a huge difference in this one.

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Is ist necessary to post every new test video? This makes the forum full with postings! Its better than the people subscribe Sebastian’s channel.

this is very necessary I believe, at least until we have the heaset as we still need to decide the GPU to buy, and not everyone subs.

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So which game next? Elite?


Yes please. Elite would be great.


Yes please @mixedrealityTV

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Alright, Elite Dangerous next!


Man when senua lays on the ground in one of the first scenes of the game after the first fight, in my Pimax 4K it looked real, like realistic like I was actually looking at her on the ground. It was even more realistic than video because of the excellent 3D and texture.

I was frozen at that moment because what I just experienced was, in my mind, true virtual reality. All due to the extreme excellence of the game quality but together with the very high picture quality of the Pimax 4K.

Now by this comparison I get the feeling the 8K and also the 5K+ are no way near that superior quality when picture quality is said to be on par with an odyssey and vive pro.

I really do hope the Vive Pro is somehow comparable to the Pimax 4K because I backed the 8K for a bigger FOV, not at the cost of SDE though


Lol you ruined it!

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Sweviver has made already all this tests

You will get a much better FOV and visuals comparable to Vive Pro, over the bigger FOV, which is nice. Next jump in visual quality will be 8K X.

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ED !!! :slight_smile:


You will get it! But I know already it is also not yet updated to latest Unreal engine, so again, parallel projections checkbox will need to be activated: cannot make use of latest performance gains.

Do you know any information about 8K-X?

They use their own engine. So who knows if it will ever get it.

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Elite Dangerous uses the Cobra Engine. These options may or may not work, so could be worth trying them out.

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Yes, I had already tried it. Without ticking the parallel projections box, you will get a double picture within the headset.

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Too bad…I got a similar rig but Hellblade without maximum frames is not acceptable to me…I will throw off big time. Can’t be happy about visuals or FOV if I feel uncomfortable. I already feel uncomfortable with 40 fps on 2d shooters. so Hellblade is one of the games that I will finish on my vive. No need to wait for my Pimax at least with that game.

add echo arena to queue please