MRTV First Impressions 8KX (Rev 2?)

According to @mixedrealityTV this was a quietly revised headset. I wonder if they fixed the DMAS audio “whine” noise?

He didn’t really get into what was different about the new revision.

Lol he had the firmware auto update bug.8:42. Pimax should really fix that…we have been telling them this for months.

Maybe he should go back and re-edit that fov comparison video where he gimped the 8kx by saying all fov’s above normal were useless. So he limited the headset to normal fov.

here everything he said about hiw he “used to feel” after taking off the headset (8kx preproduction) is how I feel about the Reverb G2 currently. :smirk:

Pimax Experience …I wonder if he knows that Pimax killed it.:face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Yeh, alls he said was “new backlight and new panels” right at the start.
If pimax sent him that for review, its crazy they sent him 1 that did the bodged firmware update :rofl: why not send out even just the review units with the updated firmware?

I owned a G2, i prefer the 8KX. its just more fun.


I do own the varjo Aero and the pimax xr oled and the reverb g2 and the vive pro 1 with lense mod and wireless module.

I prefer for shooters like:

the Varjo Aero

For comic like games with darker areas I definately prefer the Pimax xr Oled , it was such a better experience in Walking Dead Saints and sinners compared to my Varjo Aero. I wish I had the Star Vr One for this game.

But overall the Varjo Aero wins in games with great detail like The Wanderer .

Pimax should focus to bring out wireless oled hmds with 210 degree fov without sde and great colors .
And dear Pimax please wait for display Port 2.0 before releasing a new hmd that would be great so we will get 240hz per eye


Don’t be foolish, that’s not the Pimax way!



Hey Seb thanks for the preview. If your not familiar with the high pitched whine controversy here please update your knowledge by perusing this thread and comment. TY


Self sabotage seems to be par for the course with companies like Pimax & Arpara. :face_exhaling:

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Yeah my 5K+ recently went “kaput” and they offered me to upgrade to a different headset rather than repair it.

I asked if they had a 5K XR , but I don’t think its for sale anymore. Hold on to that headset…it seems alot of Pimaxes 1st gen headsets were quietly killed.

8K, 5K+, 5KXR R.I.P.

One could look at it as being honest and sending reviewers the same stock that customers are sent.

And frankly, I think that perspective Pimax customers should be aware of the nature of Pimax. Expect to deal with significant issues while setting it up and getting it dialed in. Expect the out of box experience to be frustrating. Expect it to initially seem disappointing. It’s worse if the customer doesn’t know ahead of time that this is the usual Pimax experience.

I did a lot of research before I bought my 8KX. I knew what I was getting into. I signed up to go through that initial pain, and it helped a lot.


How about send a 8kx with dmas whine to MRTV and let him review that? I mean that’s the true experience of many users here. :rofl:


Alyx looks to a degree better on the Xr than the 8kx,

Ebay has one or two for sale. I would get one if I were you

ebay link:

He starts out clarifying it’s a pre-production unit.

IIRC he didn’t get the customer release version of the original 8KX either, hence his Preview title.

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This was the (in)famous video that resulted in a nearly 2 year blacklisting & subsequent railroading of Pimax products from his channel.

I like Seb and his “independant reviews” but it was kind of unbelievable how he had beef with Pimax after “Pimax NDA-Gate” and then suddenly the FOV which he constantly bragged about and claimed he couldn’t go back from…became suddenly all distorted and unplayable.

Luckily PimaxUSA crashed his 12K livestream with an olive branch and since then Sebs “Independant Reviews” have gotten alot more positive.


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Aware of that. Wasn’t pointing to the politics. Only that “same stock that customers are sent” isn’t applicable. At least not yet.

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