Motion smoothing, Based on a mention by valve developer. Cooperation with Valve to convert to Valve compositor?


I cam across this comment from a Valve developer from march 2019. Im curious if there is any cooperation between Pimax and Valve on this. The biggest down side with motion smoothing is the amount of ghosting/artifacts it generates and it would be a huge step forward to be on par or use already implemented solutions. Could you comment on this please?

Ignore the AMD part.
"SteamVR’s Motion Smoothing only works with Polaris and newer (e.g. Vega) architectures on AMD gpus. This is because the older (200 & 300 series) hardware does not support async reprojection (more specifically they do not support 3d render preemption which is a requirement for async reprojection).

VCE 4.0 is still significantly slower than Nvidia’s equivalent, unfortunately.

Pimax currently use their own custom compositor, so they cannot currently take advantage of SteamVR’s Motion Smoothing implementation. However, we are hoping to work with them to switch over. "


If they do indeed switch out the compositor it also means all the stuff that PiTool enables (incl. eye tracking, IPD offset etc.) will no longer work as far as I understand.

This means we’ll have to wait for SteamVR for various fixes and I do not think they’ll prioritize Pimax only issues… :wink:


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