Motion Controller options

Here folks a place to post alternative Controller options. DYI & such.

The above looks amazing & would work i believe regardless of which tracking solution you use. Kinda like leap but without optical tracking + hand controllers!

Kinda want a set of these! Good for mobile/steam/oculus

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Reddit post about using leap with ardruno(sp?) Dyi hand controllers

Vrfree gloves also apparently mobile compatible

@Heliosurge Very interesting there’s more info here although I would need more information in order to build some similar (since I don’t have a background in electronics) it may suffice for someone else.

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Lots of neat things indeed thanks for the link

Both look like promising ideas. Hope they manage to produce them. The finch shift especially looks great. With the gloves, I think needing to use actual gloves will create problems. Size, heat, will need extra software support. Leap Motion already works great at individual finger tracking, but there aren’t any games really that support it.

Yep i like Finch shift as well. Looks very promising.

Glove option kinda neat but i agree with all the points you have. Very limited in no sych think as one size fits all… Now if it were haptic gloves then maybe more interesting.

Hey guys. Can you advice what would you buy as bring gloves to replace the annoying controllers and feel more inside bring using our own hands ?

I mean, there are different options:

But which one of these options actually is usable in current vr games and upcoming vr games like fallout vr, skyrim vr , RE7 for vive/oculus/4k/8k etc. ?

Hard to say. Could try doing a search on it. But alot of it like leap needs some kind of support or emulation. Ones with haptic support of course would be neat.


Gloveone will start to ship to kickstarter backers in a few weeks!

I don’t know why but the Arduino DIY Controllers made me very excited…although I don’t have a clue how to build it :slight_smile: and I going to invest some time in the DIY Headband for Pimax 4K

Almost 10 years ago some colleagues and me build several Tracking devices using freetrack and GlovePie. That was some real fun.
For sure 1 of it was the DIY Headtracker so we didn’t have to buy TrackIR. But we also build some other interesting stuff like a trackable gun for FPS Games… So you could use a tracked airsoft gun and a projector to build your own FPS Shooting Arena. To bad i can’t find my videos of that time anymore but here is a video of one of the setups and how it looked like.
And here you can see Xerox version of trackable Glove for DCS.

Seeing all this new devices for VR today makes me on the one hand really excited on the other side if we now had 2008 we could have made a fortune with our experiments lol :grinning:.
We just were 10 years ahead of time because it wasn’t really practical to strap a CRT Monitor to your forehead for gaming :laughing:

My understanding is that many of the more advanced gloves at the moment have no game support. It is like they are ahead of time compared to the majority of games that we have out now. Only a few games specifically designed for trying this new hardware toys would actually work.

Less technological advanced gloves like the CaptoGlove (maybe the gloveone though I am not completely sure ) would actually replace the vr controllers in a sense that the controller would assume the form of a glove and clicking the controller buttons would be done using directly our hands. That use of hand / glove as controller , probably would work with almost any gane on the market at the moment, including vr adapted games using vorpx.

Saying that, I would love to get force feedback gloves at some point but as for now , I just can not decide if just wait that games catch up with the force feedback gloves and then buy the gloves or buy captogloves or similar gloves/controllers that would actually work on old games and adapted games that would probably never be updated to support force feedback gloves.

What are you thoughts?

Ps: I have 2 vive trackers that can be attached on gloves and objects. But for tracking objects , don’t we use different weapons or else during a same game? Sometime we even lose guns in games and we just use hands , how do we use our hands in a game if we are still holding in our hands a gun attacked to a vive tracker?


Just found this

EDIT. more info here

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Thats awsome. Looks like it’d work well.

It will but you can just get a little bluetooth controller and strap it to the front, using Driver4vr.

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There is also a mod using the ps nav controller mounted to the move. Posted it awhile back.

This looks like an awesome vr addon. @ $300 US now! Haptic vest + arm/elbow tracking

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I have ordered a vest + the wireless unit.
I miss vr gloves now and some sort of haptic feedback for the legs and some locomotive solution. I have 3 vive trackers too.

Can you suggest some option for vr gloves?
I was looking into the captogloves and the gloveone. Gloveone customer support is nonexistent. I am trying to reach them with questions for weeks now and they never replied… captoglove ppl instead are quick in replies

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Yesterday found a petition to integrate thumbstick in Move Controllers here.

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I am not sure to be honest. While not gloves the finch shift looks interesting. You’ll have to let us know your thoughts on the vest.