Motion Compensation - still no calibration/zeroize option?

Having had issues with other motion compensation software, I decided to try the built in motion compensation software in PiTools. While it works fine as far as tracking, I could not find a way to calibrate/set the position of my tracker (using a Vive Wand). So turned to the forums here, and found out this feature is lacking, and not only that, it’s been reported for more than 2 years, and still nothing has happened? Has Pimax abandond this feature? I find it strange that while all the “hard work” of getting the motion compensation to work is done, making a “reset position” option for the tracker so it does not need to be mounted in a particular way (which for my part is not possible) is where they stopped. Got 95% there and then decided to stop developing it seems strange…

Anyways, anybody having found a good MC software for Pimax? Have tried OVRMC but that is unstable for me. Used VRHeadway (which was awesome and required no tracker) but that is proprietary to NLR platforms.


Yaw2 owner I assume?

They probably forgot about it. @PimaxQuorra can we get some priority on this, I beg you.


Yes sir.

Gonna share this with our Pitool team.


yes would like to use this as well

Me too. I am using WitMotion but also want to use my Vivetracker mounted to the seat. Using it via the Pitool would be much better so you dont have to do all the other hassle each time when starting up to play. :slight_smile:

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dont think we can expect a solution here? :frowning: