Motion Compensation - still no calibration/zeroize option?

Having had issues with other motion compensation software, I decided to try the built in motion compensation software in PiTools. While it works fine as far as tracking, I could not find a way to calibrate/set the position of my tracker (using a Vive Wand). So turned to the forums here, and found out this feature is lacking, and not only that, it’s been reported for more than 2 years, and still nothing has happened? Has Pimax abandond this feature? I find it strange that while all the “hard work” of getting the motion compensation to work is done, making a “reset position” option for the tracker so it does not need to be mounted in a particular way (which for my part is not possible) is where they stopped. Got 95% there and then decided to stop developing it seems strange…

Anyways, anybody having found a good MC software for Pimax? Have tried OVRMC but that is unstable for me. Used VRHeadway (which was awesome and required no tracker) but that is proprietary to NLR platforms.

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