Motion compensation help

Hi all,
I tried the motion compensation with the PITool V1.0.1.277, but I didn`t find a way to reset the position. Is there a manual or a readme for that feature?
Thanks Zennix

AFAIK there is no reset position functionality.

You need to position your controller, wand, tracker IRL so that it conforms to PiTool’s expectation of that position.

For a tracker, this meant with the crown facing in the same position as ‘forward’ for my rig, with an HTC wand it was the same.

Yo reset the position is with the SteamVR option, that reset the view position (but not the tracker, as It must be absolute).

Thank you. I bought a tracker and hopefully it will receive tomorrow. I will try and report.

Thank you. I use DCS without SteamVR. So, It’s not possible to use this option.

If you use a game without SteamVR, it should have a way to reset the view itself (a specific button or combination), like the MSFS2020 of the Xbox App or the SW Squadrons of Origin.

You are right. There is a VR center button in DCS. It works fine without motion compensation enabled. If you enable it, this position depends on the mounted position of the tracker or Index controller. I mounted one of my index controller near to my head at the rig seat. But I could not find a position that fits to the correct sight. Hopefully I will get a tracker today, that can be mounted at a correct postion.

I built a clamp to fix the tracker. This is the correct orientation for me.

A filter option in PiTool, to get rid of vibrations, would be very helpfull.

Thanks / Zennix


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