More information on Hand Tracking

From a thread on reddit

and a video that shows how great Leap Motion hand tracking was in August. We can probably expect something even better !

You can also read about the 50 million dollars investment they received this summer and their new office in Shanghai here. This much money means they probably have a winning technology in their hands.

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yet software support is still lacking. Demos are plenty good, liked those a lot. For cockpit based sims hand movement would arleady do the trick, precise fingers is sorta completely new thing for VR apps to use. But even for sims there was no support yet, guess developers fear in app adaptation of individual RL input devices to match for handling…
Acutally i hope Leapmotion will enable full insideout tracking with the same module including video cams, so we get the hand movement in addition to use cases that are already developed for…
eye tracking and hand motion are key for the social VR use cases to capture body language, so at some point it’s a must have i think… for the ppl who belive in the social side of VR…

Seeing something that impressive straight from the HMD makes you wonder what will happen when they manage to strike a deal with the Windows Mixed Reality supporters. What if Samsung Odyssey had a Leap Motion sensor ? Inside-out positional tracking + hand tracking is the future for sure but we still have to wait for actual developers to do something with it.

Compare this to Manus VR hand tracking gloves and think of how far Leap Motion is from their competitors.

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