More hz for the 8k?

Hi all!
Ok I know the 8k is kind of obsolete now (except it is not…) but could it be possible for it to get a few more hz just like every others?
I could be sweet if it would be able to reach just…lets say 90hz in Normal FoV.
I know panels are limited but I am pretty sure they can reach 90hz with slightly lower FoV.

@PimaxQuorra @Sean.Huang there are still 8k user out there, show them some luving :slight_smile:



so, you like 8k more than Artisan ?

No, not at all, I like Artisan much much better! But the one I have is for my son to replace his Vive and for now I cannot afford to buy another one so I still use my 8k and I have to sell it if I want another Arti.
And the highter refresh rate would please every 8k users.


Surprisingly and despite concerns the 80Hz did not bottleneck the 8k in its experience, imho.
Rather the strange fisheye and black-bar effect is a downer. Just let‘s hope they‘ll continue considering improvements to eg distortion profiles in future pitool versions. I‘m afraid they will step-mom the 8k since it is a discontinued product.

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