Monitor upgrade

I’m thinking of upgrading my Monitor for use with non-VR games. The ones I’m looking at have speakers built-in. Will my 8K+ override the speakers? If I want to play non-VR games do I un-plug the headset? I do not want to mess with the computer setting so I might just keep looking. What do you think?

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It does not matter if your speakers are in the monitor, or in actual speakers, or in a headset. Whenever you run SteamVR it will reconfigure the audio handling according to the setting (in SteamVR), so whatever you set up there will apply. For anything outside VR, you just set your preferred audio output in Windows and it will be used for non-VR games as well.


Just to add to what Risa said. You can also change Audio device by clicking on the Speaker Icon in your taskbar.


I suggest you take a look at the Samsung 32:9 monitors for gaming. I have the Samsung 49" CRG9 5120x1440. There is also the newer 49’ Odyssey G9 model.

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