Module progress updates?

Has there been any update on progress regarding the modules?

I’m particularly keen to know about progress of the eye tracking module (as it’s a Kickstarter reward), hand tracking module (as it’s already been reviewed by a number of Youtubers) and the wireless module (as Kickstarter backers have a $100 coupon, plus a further $100 if you switched from the 8k to the 5k+).

Given feedback from glasses wearers regarding the Pimax I’m sure an update on the lens frame (also a kickstarter reward) would also be welcome.


It’d be great to know before the end of the month how everything is coming along.


anyone know how the prescription lens inserts will attach?

I would have said eye tracking too but going from the touch controllers to the vives wand is really painful.
So unless eye tracking can somehow provide a working FR right away, I want the controllers first.


I’d prefer they just get essentials sorted like extra foam choices and the audio headstrap for comfort.


All due respect but the two are not mutually exclusive. The eye tracking module and wireless module are being developed by third parties, so all Pimax need to do is share an update from those parties.

With respect to the hand tracking module we know that it has already been developed and that it works, so all that Pimax needs to do is provide an update on when they expect manufacturing to start.

I appreciate that those who are yet to receive their units are keen to do so above all else, but let’s not underestimate the ability of Pimax to make a simple forum post. In any event my understanding is that most of the outstanding headsets are actually with the shipping partners, not sitting in a Pimax warehouse anymore…


Same here, having real hard time getting use to Wands…
Ordered a couple of those and hopefully it helps.


Please let us know if they work

That is also printable in
But afaik you need to print the knob with a conductive plastic


PimaxUSA has said the Audio strap will be shown at GTC this month. So hopefully they’ll Start shipping them in the next couple of months.

He also said Pimax are waiting for more software to utilise the hand tracking module before it’s worthy of release.

The Wireless module is only running at 80% saticfaction. We might not see it released this year.

Controllers are like Knuckles, who knows.

We should know a lot more officially at GTC.


Yes I get it, I just want them to to get the basics right.