[MODS] SkyrimVR & FO4VR

Glad to read your having good results modding Fallout 4VR and using Pimax and the 103 beta myself still waiting for the bugs to get worked out. Sounds great though.

I’ve also experience good results modding Fallout 4VR with the Vive and was also able to play it with the Pimax 8k , but had recently only been playing SkyrimVR since it is better optimized or less demanding. 195 SkyrimVR mods now working and just wanted to let you and anyone else that may be interested to know that SKSE does work and that there is a VR version. This is what I use.


I have now modded it. But it’s not enjoyable with motion smoothing. If you rotate your head the flowers and trees are smearing like hell.
Snapturn brings huge artefacts in the center of your view.

Might need to compare pc specs


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Not sure what to compare…

Have an i5 8600k and RTX 2080, latest drivers

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Well he might have stronger gpu &/or cpu.

Nope thats not the point, brainwarp just does not work good with skyrim… Have to test more games…

SkyrimVR? I didn’t have an issue. Don’t you mean Fo4VR?

R7 2700x 16g ddr4 3600mhz
Zotac 1080ti mini.

In Fo4 I have no issues with smearing…
But Skyrim has this problem…

Weird though I’m not using mods in my Skyrim need to wait on Inet. Should have ny end of month if all goes according to plan.

Yeah, sry for SkyrimVR smearing. I just have modded FO4VR and don’t notice any artefacts or smearing using brainwarp. This is a shame atm, that the better optimized VR game doesn’t work so well with brainwarp. But FO4VR i’m growing fond of. I haven’t bought SkyrimVR yet, because i’m so happy with my modded SE version. I just can’t mod the VR version again and start a new game :wink:


Good to know! but only for SkyrimVR? not for FO4VR, right? Or is ther some FO4SE out there already?

Im running 640 mods including textures (255 .esp) in SkyrimVR and getting no smearing.

Game looks amazing and Smart Smoothing only kicks in in some outdoor areas.

8600k and 2080ti


oh no … not again. sounds tempting … sounds all too tempting mate! I already see myself infront of the mod organizer … here we go again.

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No worries looking forward to it man. Thanks :slight_smile:

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No SKSE for Fallout 4Vr as far as I know only SkyrimVR. There is skse for F4SE.

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Well I’m late due to a busy week, but I’ll throw in my observations.

My Windows machine is a VM with 3 cores of a 7600k and a 1080ti
(I also still need to tweak some things)

With SmoothMotion off SteamHome and Space Pirate Trainer both sit around 70-80 fps.
Image generally looks pretty good.

With SmoothMotion on i drop to 42 fps.
Image appears somewhat blurry.
Movement is no longer smooth.

That’s the most I’ve got from 30min of testing so far :stuck_out_tongue:
I suspect I don’t have enough CPU power to handle Brainwarp atm.
Summer and the next generation of Ryzen cant come too soon

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With Running a VM is that under Windows or Linux?

640 mods! Oh my god that sounds wild and tempting. Do you have a list so that we can follow? @Chillisix