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Hi there,
While waiting for my PiMax to arrive I have been scouring the forums building a better understanding of the PiMax universe.

I read about different modes and how certain things are supported on certain modes. Ideally you can get it to Pimax mode or direct mode for the best compatibility.

I also hear some users with limited hardware or unsupported scenarios where they are stuck in extended mode. I found some useful switching tools but I never found a good description of what you can do in extended mode.

Are there Pimax pi play games for extended mode?
Is extended mode, just like an extended Windows monitor… Like just an additional monitor? Or can you still do VR stuff, specially is there a VR cinema for this mode?

I believe I will be supported in the other modes… But,if one was stuck in extended mode, what can they do?

Also, I am a software developer,
And I heard of an SDK can can’t find it. I would be happy to contribute to the community if there is an SDK an development requests.

Thanks everyone.

Please use forum searche, all your qustions have been answered.
The one i don’t recall - in piplay there lots off games for extendet mode, free to dowload and play.

Trust me is hasnt been answered well. I have searched all weekend, and mainly have come across reported issues with the mode. The only slightly helpful content I could find was:

But, this is not the depth of of answer I want. Mainly, is there a virtual cinema… Maxvr player or liveview rift does not seem fully like virtual cinema.

I agree people should search… and I did… but if we get responses like this then when users search that is all they find.

But all that said… I will keep searching in case there is something that I might have missed.

Here are the search results when searching for just ‘extension mode’:

Heyhey :wink: I use Pimax 4K mostly in DIRECT/PIMAX MODE. Which mode to use depends on the apps/games/software/oculus runtime.

Example for DIRECT/PIMAX MODE: SteamVR, Virtual Desktop, Simple VR Video Player, CMOAR VR Cinema, Project Cars, VorpX.

In extended mode a PC VR headset works as an extended Windows display. You can move your 3D SBS content from your primary display (PC) to your secondary display (VR headset). For example a 3D SBS movie or your browser with YouTube 3D SBS videos or Tridef 3D powered stereo 3D games.
Some Oculus powered games need the extended mode as well but most DIRECT/PIMAX MODE.

For watching movies I prefer Simple VR Video Player (2D/3D/180/360) in DIRECT/PIMAX MODE. If you wanna feel like being in a cinema theater you should have a look on CMOAR VR Cinema (available for PC and Android / best looking Android VR cinema player).


Thank you so much for the detailed response Arturo.

That makes sense about extended mode,
So in that type of setting… does the left eye just see the left side of the extended monitor and right side for right eye (hence why you play side by side)… or could you play a 2d movie and watch it fine (in 2D)…or would that result in half of the move on each eye?

I imagine if all goes well I will use Pimax mode mainly… however, I’m just imagining from a software development perspective, how the display in that basic mode works.

I also, am so excited for my Pimax to arrive that that’s all I have been thinking about. :wink:

Thanks again for the help.

Hey Arturo, while waiting for my Pimax to arrive I used a google cardboard like setup for my phone and tried out CMOAR VR Cinema… Wow you were not Kidding that’s a great one. The dynamic lighting really makes a difference. Can’t wait to try it when my Pimax arrives with the Steam version… on the iPhone it only has the theater scene… but I saw the water scene where you are in boats… wow so cool! Thanks for sharing this one. :slight_smile:

Hey also just curious… I find my google cardboard setup (its actually a plastic version I found online but the same concept)… I find that one with my phone gives me a headache. Now, I had a low res vr system several years ago and don’t remember getting headaches with it… so I am thinking that the phone in a basic setup like is why it made me feel eyestrain. How is your experience with the Pimax… I hear it has anti-vertigo and blue shield so its suspose to allow you to play for longer without getting headaches… can you attest to this?

I am guessing I wont have this headache issue once my real 4K VR Pimax arrives.

Hey Chris :slight_smile: VR headsets need always side-by-side content. One image for your left eye and one image for your right eye. If you watch non-side-by-side content on a VR headset it will look like cross-eyed (not watchable). If you wanna watch 2D movies you need a VR player => it will generate 2D side-by-side. For a better movie experience, I recommend to watch 3D side-by-side movies like Avatar 3D, The Avengers 3D, Iron Man 3D, Lichtmond 3D… by using Simple VR Video Player or CMOAR VR Cinema (DIRECT/PIMAX MODE). Real 3D side-by-side movies = screen pop in effects and screen pop out effects. The boat 3D video you mentioned was real 3D (intense screen pop in effect captured on two cameras). I’m used to experience 3D and VR for a long time (no headache). My real IPD is 67mm (distance between the center of my eyes/pupils) and my PiPlay IPD is 54mm. Have fun :slight_smile:

Arturo thank you very much for all the answers that we will be a great help! I leaned on it all tomorrow afternoon and I’ll give you back! :innocent:

Here is the SDK

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