Moded DAS Adapter

so i finally put in the effort to modify one of the existing designs to fit my face a little better. initially i just wanted to move the attachment point higher. i found one on Thingiverse that already has that which works quite well and looks nice.
made by @GrodenVR

this was pretty much perfect but then i realized i wanted to force the headset to tilt at a certain angle. so i modified this one to allow my to put a piece of velcro to restrict movement:

with the velcro:

pretty happy with it so far. i have to fix the model to account for the headphone plug on the left side. i just snipped away the plastic for now because i didn’t notice the problem until after i printed it. i also need to fix the x-axis on my printer so that it’s not awful but i’m gonna mess with this for a bit before printing again.


Played some No Man’s Sky tonight and I can confirm that this is the best fit I’ve had so far. The bottom of the Vive DAS now cups the back of my head much better and the Pimax presses against my face more uniformly.

Now I just have to cleanup the STL files and I could post it as a remix on Thingiverse.