Modding the 6m optical cable to use for 5K Plus/XR possible?

Hi all,

despite having the 8KX, I regularly go back to my 5K XR because of the OLED screen and wider stereo overlap. It feels just more immersive although the resolution is of course by far inferior.

Finally my cable broke as I see the white dots flickering issue.

Before buying a new 5m cable, I just wanted to get an idea if someone modded the 6m optical cable to work with an older Pimax headset.

I assume the USB signal is just a USB and the display port is a regular display port signal. It is just converted to light impulses with electronics in the jack at the PC side and back into electronics signal at the Headset side.

The only issue to my humble opinion is that the voltage and power consumption are different between an 8KX and 5K plus. But this problem should be resolvable with an USB adapter and external power supply. That means USB data is untouched, but voltage and power is provided by an external power supply through the USB for the headset. The 5m cable is doing it already that way. We might need voltage converters to also power the optical converters on both ends of the cable with the correct voltage.

Any thoughts on this or anyone tried this already?

PS: another hope would be that NOFIO is coming up with a general WiFi upgrade solution for all headsets. That would be a dream come true.

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Following this thread as I asked myself the exact same question a little while ago.
my 5k+ is on it’s 4th cable, for now it’s good, I protected it with some cable managment spiral plastic stuff wraped around and try to not walk on it, not bend it with sharp angles and so on but a optic cable mod or a WIFI would be a better solution.

whatever you do don’t attempt to plug the optical able raw into anything that is not an 8KX. You will regret it.

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