Mixed Reality Controller Tracking and VR Market vs Pimax

Just stumble upon this review of MS Inside-out tracking
How Good Is Windows Mixed Reality Controller Tracking? - Windows MR Controller Review - YouTube if Sony and other VR makers embark with this technology this will give a rough time to Vive and in a lesser way to Oculus when the price goes down and used market comes to life. This year the resolution and brightness of those headset are deficient ( except maybe for the Samsung odyssey) but next year who knows… I have a Vive and tried the Acer MSMR Headset

Probably why both Oculus and HTC are trying to make low en products. Valve tracking is still superior but we must pay a premium price to have it. This comfort my view that “reasonably” priced high end VR Headsets from major players will not pop out like rabbits next year. The good thing is now that those headsets works with Steam VR, developers will have more/new opportunities.

Do you think Pimax should go for inside out tracking in the next version of their Pimax 8K?

I only have a feeling of “presence” with the HTC Vive and, I hope, with the Pimax 8K, surely because of the accuracy of the tracking, and I doubt that they will be able to do it as accurately with inside-out solutions, at least in a few years.

@Cdaked when you say that “I only have a feeling of “presence” with the HTC Vive” you’re speaking vs the oculus rift?

I’m personally amazed with the sub milliliter accuracy of the Valve light house technology, pretty impressive when you take the vive controllers closer together and that they physically hit themselves in the same time/position in VR and in real life.

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No. There is nothing wrong with lighthouse tracking and inside out tracking for all its benefits is still only “good enough” for right now. I would rather Pimax not try and enter the low end market too like HTC and Oculus did. We need somebody to push the envelope at the high end of this market. Now if down the road inside out tracking is as good or better then lighthouse then sure.

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Versus anything. I hope that with Pimax 8K it will be the same or better, but I don’t know.

Pimax actually is going for inside-out tracking, as an optional add-on module for the Pimax 8K. When they release that, you can choose between lighthouse basestations and the inside-out tracker. Here’s the exciting thing about inside-out tracking: if it’s good enough, make your headset wireless and you have a VR device that can use any size room/warehouse/stadium/field without any physical setup needed.

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So the question I have is. Will the optional inside out tracking module support the windows controllers and the WMR platform in general? I want it just for that reason, so that you can run windows native vr. I’d rather buy that addon than pay the full price off another headset just so I can run windows software.

PiMax already has an inside out tracker of sorts with the hand tracking modul. Leap can be used for Roomscale. Not sure how well it works see Drvr4vr made by a fellow named Greg.

As for MS compatible will be dependent on MS & it seems like there is likely licensing fees to MS. Wonder if 3glasses still has MS as a sponsor as the burbur s1 seems ti have floppes.

With Micrisoft hard to say. But worst case likelt end up with something like Revive or an emulator layer to allow non sponsored headsets & possibly allow dufferent tracking maybe.

Inside out tracking is not that bad…its the future of VR/AR
Wireless all the way !!!
Not saying its better then lighthouse tracking…but its good enough for now !!!

Checkout gps tracking. Yes gps 4 vr.

If your interested in new VR tracking tech check this one : WiCapture. Still a lab experiment but impressive what the guy has done with existing wifi tech.


Thats awesome. Have you looked at the gps one? Actually would be even better.

Antvr in their new headset uses roomscale carpet squares

Do you have the link I did not found anything recent (2015)?

Thats probably the one. Just looks promising. On the phone you can watch the gps when walking aroundna store & see the dot move in google maps.

Kinda like Nvidia’s study with Cascaded displays that showed lcd could be used for vr by layering 2 panels.

Though you could say pokémon go kind of used gps for a sort of augmented reality. Lol