Mixed reality and Samsung Odyssey+ First Impressions ( part 1,2)

Hi! Some quick background facts, I’ve a HTC Vive and PSVR headset, I had great fun to play VR games with my Vive for about 1.5 years then became “tired” of the SDE, small FOV and lack of resolution.

PART 1 : construction

Last week I bought a Samsung Odyssey+ hoping to have enough fun to wait for my Pimax headset some time next year ( I’m a backer in the 3000 series).

When the box arrived I was eager to see if every comments I’ve saw was right or not. At first I couldn’t try the headset because my PC was running windows 8.1. Mixed reality Headset required Windows 10 version 1709 or higher. But I’ve manager to see the panels resolution and SDE using the headset has a second monitor.

This headset has the worst ergonomics of my three headsets, the PSVR is a real charm when it comes to comfort. All the mechanisms of this headset is subpart if compared to the Vive or the PSVR. The headphones sound is average and the non detachable headphones fixations are cheap with cutting edges. This headset is not for those wearing glasses using them on a regular base will surely scratch your prescription lens or the OD+.lens or both!

The nose hole is bigger but still not great especially with rapid lateral rotation movements when the walls of the nose aperture “bang” on nose wings. The weight of the OD+ is light about 600g without the cables
for reference the HTC Vive with the deluxe strap weight about 800g and the PSVR 625g

I kind of like the Odyssey+ controller. VS the Vive the tracking is reasonable even impressive if you thing it’s only to 2 cameras doing the triangulation.( with some help from the gyro fusion data) Respect the 130-150 degrees front facing tracking and for the most part it’s ok for slow or moderate fast moves.

The controller needs two standard AA battery to operate.

PART 2 : The VR experience
Soon to come :wink:

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Did it come with a bluetooth dongle or do you already have bluetooth in your pc? Otherwise ouch. :laughing:

Part 2

My interest with the OD+ was mainly for seated experiences, I will not try the do with OD+ the same things I can do with the valve tracking. I will introduce you with a concept I’m fiddling with today
Virtual reality vs spatial 3D gaming. more on that later.

I was underwhelm after opening the box of the OD+, but after I successfully installed it in windows 10 I begin to appreciate a zero SDE headset. The only remaining SDE you have with the OD+ is a shimmering impression that you can see the pentile texture of the panels on some occasion when you look hard enough.
From memory the brightness of the headset is lower than the Vive. Black are super but I thing I wish I could adjust the contrast and color temp for some games.

If it was not about the small FOV, the abysmal space between your face and the headset the removal of SDE really does some magic for the immersion factor. I bought “Apollo 11 HD” on steam and I was really stun buy the reality of the experience.

PART 3 - Sebastian/Sweviver “Clarity” concept

But something is missing I want to have more “clarity” the lens of the OD+ have a really tight sweet spot and the peripheral view begin to blur really near after the center of the lens. Some optical improvements would be needed to give justice to the OLED panels

BT dongle now included in the headset, controller are pre-paired

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Awesome! I remember that was an early big complaint with the og. Lol

Get home & find out you had to go back to the store for one. :joy: