Mirrored Image Issues


I have been using my 5K+ for a while now and I have been enjoying it. I play on Large FOV (170°). I personally have never been into the “mirror the image onto a TV” thing so others can watch. Lately more and more of my friends have gained interest in coming over to play VR, and want to watch what the other person is playing. Sadly I cannot seem to get the image to show properly. When I “mirror” the image inside the headset onto my TV it only is showing the left lens. The only way I can get both lens on the TV is if I change my FOV down to Small or Potato. Then I can more or less see what the person in the HMD is seeing (not 100%). I don’t want to do this. I want to keep the 170° FOV in the HMD and see the correct image on the TV.

Does anyone have a suggestion? Nothing I have done in SteamVR has fixed this issue.

Thank you for your time,

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I haven’t tried it. But have read that OBS plugin for steam works just be sure to disable SteamVR Mirror. Or it mirrors the mirror instead of the headset.

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