Mirq's Dilemma & Other Strangeness

This time it is not about clumsiness or bad PR or bad marketing or Chinese culture.

It is an intentional decision to not allow backers among us to test the headset.
It was not supposed to be like this.They promised that only ones who spent hours in VR …bla bla bla. Lies. This time you must agree with me that it is intentional, and the lie is obvious.

I must admit that even me, who always see the dark side of the facts, I was surprised by this decision. I am ashamed of myself.

I almost regret that I lashed at that guy @allocen when he begged to be a tester.

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So, have you been successful in selling your package ?
The last thing I want to read here is endless moaning about wanting to sell it and then see that same person hold on to it to the end…

On the choice of testers - I would not be very happy with only average Joe type of testers, because I think that it would harm Pimax own interests the most - they could get us backers hyped, but we have to take it anyway, we have already paid for it.
It should be the commercial market which they serve after we get ours, which they should be concerned about. If negative comments pour in after KS deliveries, there will not be much of a market afterwards, irrespective of the initial hype.


Now who is the tough guy behind the monitor ?

you will be the first I will let know when I sell my backery. So that I will not be a nuisance to your hopes anymore.

@Allocen isn’t it already very clear ? It is you. You are the toughest guy on this page. Now relax, and when I count to three you will wake up,

*Though I guess that If Heliosurge sees these messages , if he will not be very amused he will delete us. Lucky us he really have a good sense of humor.

Well you need to give it a rest. If your halfarsed apology wasn’t written as a poke complete with drawing him in with @user.

Next time maybe don’t poke folks where & when it wasn’t needed.

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Since its a when why not let someone enjoy being a backer & sell now?

How? Point me to someone who wants, not scy , i know him.

I di beleive a user directed you to reddit.

Some of us who have been paying attention know who 2 of them are because they have previously said they were invited some time back. That you do not know doesn’t surprise me. You would have to have been paying attention to people other than just those with whom you agree. I won’t spoil it for you. Hint, if you are a man of your word you will sell your pledge. Since sjefdeklerk already stated he is not on the list, perhaps you could take your own advice and sell anyway. I do see a contradiction in telling people they should consider selling while trying to find someone to buy your pledge. Seems counter-productive


Hmmm, nice line of thoughts. I will think about it , but it is just the way you see the world, I don’t see like that so you took me by surprise.
For your info, I am in the process of transferring my pledge to a user here, and I will keep that money as a pledge to my myself to buy Google & LG headset that will probably arrive in the same time with Pimax 8K. But if Google go wrong in the process I won’t keep my pledge foolishly just to prove to myself who I am.

And don’t forget that I will have the opportunity to buy Pimax 8K as a regular buyer, if – and here comes the difference – if it raises to my expectations, and not being forced by my ego who wants to keep his pledges at any price. No, I choose to have the right to chose. It is a luxury I am ready to pay extra money for.

Now I think it is the first time I paid attention to you, if that is what you need. Happy now ?

P.S. though it is smth I dont understand in your post. U said I paid attention only to those that I agreed with. Strange, since it seems that I mostly had counter arguments with many users. That makes me wonder if you really meant what you said or if you really know smth about me at all. OMG, just have the feeling I wasted a lot of words on you.

Cool bro but i think the 8k will be out before the next Pixel phone daydream headset & really don’t think you will get anything comparable to the 8k.

As for LG as a owner of 3 of their phones hopefully their steam headset doesn’t share the LG G4 quality issues. As for its release? In theory that should have been around 8+ months ago. But unless LG isn’y smoking the same stuff as HTC; you will at least get a headset equal to the Vive Pro offering at this time npthing new. (If LG sticks with last published specs).


If you had been following these forums yes you shpuld have known about sweviver & Sebastian. :innocent:

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I am talking about this:

Of course I know Sebastian and SweViver, but not from this forum, I am followig several VR headset reviewers on youtube since I am in a constant searching for better headset. That’s how I bought a Lenovo Explorer.

Yes I am well aware of Googles 120hz hi res project that will likely not release until 2020 when hardware is more mature & able to power it. Even Foveate remdering I can’t see it before 2020 or even possibly 2021. :beers::innocent::+1::sparkles:

The Google project was posted here. SweViver quite sometime ago revealed he was selected & Sebastian reveal was due to a leak of the m1 delay for testers(not that long ago)

Following both then you should be aware you’ll regret selling out. Lol

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Yeap, just around Pimax 8K release date. Lol

Of the WMR lenovo is mid road you should have went Oddyssy. :yum:

Ha, tell me that. I am in Europe, I even tried to trade with this user I sell my bacckery to send me an Oddyseey as a gift from USA, but then I leanrt about huge taxes, and gave up.

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Lol I hear ya strange samsung missed the euromarket.

@Pumcy did an awesome follow up on WMR on a Ryzen Apu the results are quite good much better than Intel’s Igpu. (Yes off topic)

I can understand anyone’s doubts from having the 4k; if you had tried the v2/v3 prototype your doubts i can say would be squished.

Why Fruit Ninja & the blue? It shows the lcd colours & how great the black levels can be. It was once said Lcd will never be able to match & replace Plasma; but like so many myth conceptions… Lol

Thank you for selling it.
At least I don’t want your super pesimistic mood in here anymore.
You are really just looking for ways to disregard the enormous progress the pimax 8k made in the last 5 months. Now the headset is doomed because Sj hasn’t got a testing unit and sweviver got one… what a stupid BS. It would have been happy to if Sj would have got one too but it is how it is.
Quite happy that you are selling it to someone who will be satisfied with it and isn’t speculating about a prototype display (not even hmd) to be out sooner. Because that’s just BS either.