Minimal ghosting vs no ghosingt. Pimax 8k

I apologize ahead of time if someone has already clarified with some credentials, I’m just incredibly excited to move on beyond the HTC Vive. I have problems seeing in low light, and need high brightness to see well and it also helps with immersion.

I need to get things cleared up here. Some reviewers keep using 5erms like minimal ghosting, while others say no perceived ghosting.

You simply cannot have ghosting in room scale vr. So I’d really like to know what’s going on with this.

Also with brightness. I have one person say the brightness is the same as the vive, another say it’s not.

And lastly binocular overlap. Is it the same as the vive?

In this picture, If the vive is all the way at the right at 10p in terms of brightness, where would the pimax 8k fall?
Brightness scale

I doubt if anyone knows for sure yet except those few that have used the headset and they are not telling. You will just have to wait until Norm puts his review up next week and then he might not answer. PiMax has stated over and over that the brightness is more than Vive. Just trust them.

Just trust them is a pretty weak argument. If you aren’t completely certain the product will meet your demands, don’t invest. Don’t just blindly throw money at them if they cannot meet your expectations as a consumer. Don’t “Just trust them.” Wait for the review and if that doesn’t convince you, wait until they release the final product and watch multiple reviews.
Don’t worry about the product not making it to production without this 100k they’re asking for on kickstarter. That’s what, maybe 250 headsets worth? When I realized this after pouring over their impossibly awful kickstarter draft I started to realize that it’s possible they’re just trying to sell an unrealized product.
It could be that they are crowd funding it to save themselves money, not having to pay out to a traditional investor, or it’s possible that no traditional investor was interested in this company and their products. It’s suspicious to me but either way this failed kickstarter will not mean that the headset does not go into production. It will probably just mean it’s production will be delayed. Not that I think it will fail, it’s a very small amount of money they are asking for and there are plenty of fanatics here. I mean, 250 minimum investors, less if people get multiple versions or higher tiers. I don’t think it fails no matter how poorly it’s run.

200k kickstarter, I guess they changed it. Doesn’t change my opinion in the slightest.

wow, what a diatribe. i am shamed for sure. i only meant to trust their word about the brightness, thay have stated it many times. everyone has to make their own decision about the kickstarter. we all now know your opinion. thanks.

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Oh no, did my direct and unbiased statement of opinion offend you? Make sure you spell my name right in the suicide note. Perhaps you should reread my post or retake the third grade, since your reading comprehension skills are only rivaled by those who still eat paste. Although even children aren’t as immature as you’ve just acted. I simply disagreed with you and offered my personal thoughts as to why. I didn’t attack you or your position any further. If a passive aggressive reply under the guise of sarcasm showcases the limits of your reasoning and the depths of your naivete I think it’s obvious why you “just trust” a company with a history of poor reliability and arguably deceitful marketing practices. How’s that for a diatribe? Are you sufficiently shamed?

Are you sure pimax said it was brighter than the vive?

And what about the ghosting? Is that on par with the vive?

The trouble with any review is that it is subjective.

Even with the 4k model depending on the game one has to go out of there way to see; while other games its quite easy.

With the 8k all is pointing towards minimal to none.

As for @Vandalheart without having hands on to try & see if it meets your requirement of higher brightness it maybe best to wait for Norman’s perspective review on the 19. Though there is several reviews of ppl who tried it at svr?.. Recent topic with video from a phone of several thoughts of those who have experienced it.

The fellow who gave us some thoughts earlier on brightness was one who removed the shutter glass filters from the 4k model (which does not have the same 4k panels as the 8k) & to give you an idea without the shutter glass the 4k from those who removed it (& most put it back later) sited that it was maybe too bright at lowest brightness.

So you will likely be good if the vive is okay for brightness.

As for his dark thoughts on the kickstarter? Well I highly doubt it. One of the recent views on the 8k is & i quote “You have been quite busy since i tried your first prototype”

The main reason imo for the kickstsrter is get noticed with there new flagship vr experience. If Lucky Palmer hadn’t done kickstarter it is unlikely oculus would have taken off. There are so many big companies out there that more often than not really good things come & go unnoticed.

Even with the 4k model; while it has its flaws. I would submit if folks had the opportunity to try demostrations like bestbuy? I think has for vive that ppls would be surprised in a good way of the experience.

Small companies are often missed. While often folks give trust to big companies & are let down by the experience.

Just look at games that fell way short:
No mans sky

Nintendo has had several fails
Wii U
Virtualboy (see vr like worlds in pure red glory)
Powerglove (ideas before folks ready)

Now keep in mind also the 8k on kickstarter will not be the final release & @deletedpimaxrep1 revealed kickstarter backers will have the option to keep the kickstarter model or exchange it for final release.

Now one might say why would you keep the kickstsrter release over getting the final version? Same reason why some have the dreaded oculus dk1 (collectables)

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I think you need to tone it down please. There is no such thing as unbiased you are not a robot. Lol

Your the one attacking a person due you not liking their opinion on you appearing quite negative.

No one is unbiased as we all are biased to our experiences.

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Hmmm perhaps @deletedpimaxrep1 could reveal current 8k model’s panel brightness spec.

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THAT WOULD BE AMAZING! Nits I believe is the spec. Most cellphones have downloadable apps that use the camera to measure it.

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Just to note Xunshu confirmed yesterday the prototype displays are not yet finalised and “MAY” be improved

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f#!? you too. My original post was not at all inflammatory. I don’t mind escalating to all out flaming if someone wants to talk sh#t without offering even the slightest counter. I didn’t attack anyone’s opinion. He had nothing to say he just wanted to be shitty. If you’ll stand by that then f#!$you too.

Of course everyone has biases but I was unbiased in the context of the conversation. Don’t condescend to me by generalizing something I said while taking it out of context.

Besides you’re a mod here, to talk to me about f@#!ing biases. What a joke.

Buddy seriously. Now your attacking me as well.

Your original post was not bad & does have some sound advice. But does bear the appearance of being quite negative & when @jimh54 said as much you attacked him being extremely undignified & inflammatory.

So calm down & please be considerate to other members.

& to be clear i said no one is unbiased; hence i too am biased by my experiences like everyone else.

I am a mod here is true a community volunteer. I have always been that nice with posts in the past; but i am evolving like everyone day by day.

Yeah, if you encourage his behavior, especially as a mod, then you’re attacking me and as I said I don’t mind escalating things. He didn’t say “That’s a pretty pessimistic viewpoint” He mocked my opinion in an attempt to belittle it by recoloring it from an opinion critical of pimax to an unreasonable attack against pimax. He condescended to me by restating his idiotic opinion, which is just an extrapolated “just trust them” and then he attacked me personally by sarcastically telling me what he thought of my opinion. No matter what you feel about my original post, his response was uncalled for and rude. Not to mention completely lacking of any substance. I stand by everything I’ve said.

I can’t help but feel that you are attacking me, singling me out for voicing an opinion critical of pimax. I retaliated and I, unlike jimh, am not afraid to be openly aggressive. So I reiterate, f$#! you.

So… Anyway… I’ve been told in the facebook group that brightness has been improved. Actual brightness is objective, but the perception of it is subjective. I wouldn’t obsess over it too much - assuming they are telling the truth. We’re also banking on their proprietary CLPL display design. If I used the HMD and someone said “how was the brightness” - I’m guessing that I’d respond “it was a great experience, but to compare apples to apples I’d need another HMD to try along side it.” Unless it was absolutely terrible and beyond question. If I had to bet, I’d say it has to be pretty decent considering all the other aspect of the unit itself.

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Your response being completely condescending & blatantly insulting was not in your view on the kickstarter.

Yes its true @jimh54 could have chosen his words better. But in no way did it deserve your nasty response.

If you took the time to read my response to op; i did say & have continued to say you offered good advice even if your view appears dark.

If you want to see criminal kickstarter that was uncovered look on YouTube Solar Roads. At first watch it looks to be quite awesome til a fellow debunked their bs.

You are a great member here with awesome contributions & in fact i encourage you to continue. But please be considerate with your responses if someone gives you a non favourable reply.

So can we move forward without vulgarity & insults? After all can you be sure there are no children in the forums?

Aside from the thread getting hijacked, I’d like to know what “minimal ghosting” means. Is it on par with the vive?

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Excellent question. Hopefully someone here has tried the 8k & has tried or has owned a vive.

Where xunshu said this? Please give a link.

I will try the search function as its been awhile.

I can’t find it off hand as this was a few months ago. I may details wrong.

So @deletedpimaxrep1 after the consumer final version is released is there plans to offer kickstarters backers an option to swap the kickstarter kit? If so what is the projected procedure/cost?

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