Microphone not working

Speaker works great. Microphone was initially recognised in windows “capture input terminal” but no sound picked up.

I reinstalled the realtek drivers and now it’s not recognised at all. Speakers still work.

Please help

Have you updated the firmware to the latest version? We have resolved the issue with audio input/output, changing it to “Pimax” instead of “capture input terminal.”

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I updated firmware when the DFR update was released. Pimax shows up as an output but it was capture input for the mic before it disappeared altogether.

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Yes, before this update.

Is the microphone missing after updating to this patch?

Yes. I have the latest firmware V1.3.0_au905

Output is Pimax (Nvidia high definition audio)

There is no pimax input

I have the same problem with my fresh new Crystal received 3 days ago.
I am up to date wt Headset Firmware @ v1.3.0_au905 and PIMAX Play v1.16.01.01

Pimax (NVIDIA High Definition Audio) is detected/selectable as sound output device but no microphone detected in sound input…

Could this be a Pimax play issue?


The input is set to the Pimax Streaming Microphone.

You should try reinstalling the Nvidia driver.

Hi Eve,

Please check the comment above.

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Thanks Quorra, that solves the problem for me…
Updated the NVidia driver to latest, rebooted and a new windows driver choice appeared but was not named as “Pimax Streaming Microphone”.
On my PC, the input device is named “Capture Input terminal (AC Interface)” but I can rename to what ever I want! Microphone now works.
Thanks for quick response



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I’m afraid that didn’t fix it for me.

Yeah I’m still having issues too, my microphone is too low.

2024/January: Just for the record, I lost sound from my mycrophpne on crystal (win shows it works, but no soud is recorded). Solution was to set in Pimax client sound mode to normal, an then back to low latency.