Microphone in the Pimax 5k+?

I’m not sure if this is built in, but is there a Microphone built into the Pimax 5k+ anywhere?

The reason why I’m asking is because I was looking into getting the iSine VR Earbuds which seem like a great option since it just plugs into the 3.5mm port, but there’s no microphone in the earbuds, so I was wondering if there is one built into the Pimax 5k+ somewhere?

Does anyone know


I think there should be, there is a little hole by the model sticker that I think corresponds to the microphone. I’m still using my previous headphones for sound though so I don’t know.


Yes, there is a microphone. It’s in a small hole, under the headset. It’s near the side, not in the center, to minimize breathing noises.

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Thanks for that. I’ll look into it more.


The reviews I have seen so far say that it is a decent quality mic.

A very good actually.

On par with my Ant lion mod mic.

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Ok this is very good to know. Thank you. It’s listed under the USB Device in the Recording options correct?


Just as the Speakers appears on the Playback devices.

Are those mic and speakers coming with standard Pimax 5k+ HMD or are for example those speakers something extra to backers?

The mic is built in. Every HMD have an USB sound card that provide both playback and record capabilities.

But there are no speakers in both the 8k and 5k+, just a P2 out socket.

So you need to either mod a DAS or use your own headphone.

At least till Pimax release theirs DAS.

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Actually, I like Oculus way of dealing with sound on GO, and new Rift S, and Quest! It is so convenient while testing some games or when you are on your own quite room…

However the best is Vive DAS/original Rift solution…

Maybe Pimax can have this GO/Quest/Rift S integrated audio speaker solution. Should not cost a lot…

Sating this, kudos to Pimax for microphone quality… What were thinkung Vive guys on even Pro to chose the worst mic quality? Even my external mic for 2 dollars from aliexpress is so so much better…