Meta Quest Touch Pro Controllers on Pimax 12K and Crystal

Since TouchPro controllers communicate via WiFi, would it be feasible to consider a native (or not native) support for inside-out Pimax?

Controllers are the weaker link in the chain for Pimax’s inside-out offering


Pretty sure they use Bluetooth, not WiFi. But hardware-wise, it does seem like pairing them with Pimax should be possible. However, in terms of software/firmware, I’m sure that’s not something Meta will support and may have even designed it to resist.

If it was ever done, it’d probably be a GitHub project kind of thing.

Dude, if someone Github’d a way to use the new touch controllers standalone directly to steamVR for use with any headset

I’d drop the $300 bucks for them immediately.

I find it funny those complaining that the controllers are too expensive considering how expensive Index controllers or even vive wands cost.

Not to mention the cost of the base stations to run them with. (Hoping mine never fail) :crossed_fingers:

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Ha ! I don’t even believe that Meta would allow something like this.

Just like Oculus games, they walled garden is full of iron bars too.

I wonder about that, let’s say someone unofficially made the controllers work standalone.

Meta starts selling controllers in droves.

Not to mention every body is now using a Meta product even if they don’t want the headset.

I have a feeling they wouldn’t complain.

If nothing else, they get cameras into rooms. :wink:


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