mCable Marseille 4k upscaling chip

Did anyone have a look at this technology ?

@Matthew.Xu Confirmed Pimax is using an hardware upscaling tech.

How does your tech compare to Marseille’s tech ?

Here is a video review testing Marseille’s tech, pretty interesting i think !



I will transfer it to Bacon that he will confirm the information. thank you

Marseille’s upscaler is really doing some work. Not perfect and folks arguing that ‘wise’ user add 150$ to GPU (buy more powerful) instead of 150$ cable. We’ll see what PiMax offer. If price of that cable was 15$ that would be much better.

Other pics from Linus forum This $150 HDMI Cable Boosts Image Quality.. WHAT?? - LTT Releases - Linus Tech Tips

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The marseille gaming edition cable is using a made in Taiwan VTV (Video Through Virtualization)-122x built-in processor : Marseille mCable Tech Zone


I guess they have taken one of the upscaling chips used in Projectors / TV’s / AV Amps and put it into a HDMI Cable to make it a separate. Neat idea really. Saying that, who’s to say that an Amp with great upscaling can’t do this already for a few bucks more and with all the other benefits that comes with an amp. Or if you have a high end TV then set the amp to passthrough and let the TV do the upscaling. What I am saying is, you could already have this in your equipment but have never turned it on or set it up for optimum results.

As for low res VR (GPU->HMD) then yeah it’s an interesting gadget with that 1ms input lag overhead. And if its in the cable, even better as you can upgrade the cable when better versions come out.

Some of these style cables showed up during the 1st gen 4k TV’s that came out wirh hdmi 1.4b ports.

How dare they ruining that pixel perfection! :grin:

Yeah, dunno, the mcable looks like someone made a jpeg and used the absolute worst compression available.

Visual example please