Maximum IPD for Crystal (real people playing long sessions)

After trying and sending back Varjo Aero, I want to ask who has big IPD and successfully use Crystal for longer playing sessions? Please somebody who has ipd 73+ mm write about your experience…

I have IPD about 74-75mm, and I use 8kx; my IPD slider there goes up to 70mm (written in HMD), and then it moves a litte more. I can use my 8kx several hours without eye problems.

Just for record, Aero has IPD up to 71mm, and they said people with 73mm can use it. I really do not believe that. I was crosseyed (a lot) since start, and also color shift was much stronger because of me looking outside of sweet spots. Pitty, as I mostly like it (except no audio, mic and hmd was hard to put on/off).


@SmallBaguette may able to provide feedback on this! His IPD is around 72mm, if not mistaken.

Edit: This is definitely my mistake. Lol.

Ah my IPD is a pretty average 62mm so I can’t provide any insight here.

I do know a couple of high IPD users, I think about 72mm so I will ask them.

Fwiw, aspheric lenses are a lot more forgiving with IPD than fresnel and on the Crystal I don’t notice any signiticant change in image quality with +/- 2mm IPD adjustment but that might not translate to the extreme higher end. If I hear back from anyone then I’ll let you know. Might be best to post on the Pimax reddit also, or the discord, they are a lot more active.


My IPD is 70mm not quite as big as yours but I have no issues.

Pimax is also, releasing wide FOV lenses soon, which actually have more separated Binocular Overlap so that may actually help you as well.

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Mine is 69.5 and i’ve had no issue with the Aero, 8KX, or any of the 10 headsets i’ve owned in 9 years of using vr. An interesting thing i’ve noted with my Quest 3 is that the ipd slider i can basically set at any value and the display doesn’t change much if at all, i know if i did this on other hmd’s i’d be going cross eyed. Thankfully it is a clear non cross eyed image i’m experiencing at any ipd on the Q3.


My first VR HMD was oculus CV1. I had to put some rubber eraser between the lenses parts to have them separate enough for using.
Then I had 5kx, and 8kx - in booth I was pulling that dial for IPD to maximum and beyond :slight_smile: they didn’t broke, and I was suddisfied with ipd adjusment.

Beside that I tried 3 other HMDs, all 3 were not suitable for me;
Playstation vr version 1, quest 2 and varjo aero.

I do thik that my IPD is about 74-75mm, even if my measurement in glases store was 77.5mm on looking to infinity.
With 77.5 I wouldn’t be able to use any HMD

I tried meta quest 3; IPD was too small for me, headstrap was nightmare, but I also had problems with facepad; it was pressing my left and right side a lot. It is designed for small IPD and small head too.

UPDATE: I bought Crystal, and I can use it with my IPD. Didn´t play long sessions yet, but it works for me :smiley: Even eyetracking works!

In Crystal is written dial up to 72mm, and that is my setting. As lences are pretty good, with bigger sweetspot, I have no problems.

PS: For 12k please pimax make that dial up to 75mm to cover all my relatives too :crazy_face:

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