Massive flickering and tracking loss

Sometimes my 5K+ works flawlessly but sometimes when I boot it up I get massive flickering in the headset and the PiTool goes back and forth from tracking properly to not tracking.

I can’t seem to figure out the cause of this issue, it’s seemingly random. Hopefully is a known bug to be fixed in a future update?

Here’s a video I took of the problem:

Update: I unplugged all other USB accessories and it’s working again for now


I think it is related to powersaving settings, when steam sleeps the headset like if you put it down for a bit and pick it back up. I think it was resolved on mine by doing the anti powersaving usb thing on the Steam settings

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I’m having similar problems. Earlier tonight, I tried stopping the pi-tasks and starting piservicelancher a couple of times with no success. A system reboot fixed the problem, but I wasted 15 minutes that I could have been playing a game in VR.