Mass Effect Andromeda New FPS mod (July 9) with fov support upto 180

hi guys i just saw that this mod has come out , decided to start this thread for anyone with Vorpx etc…who have managed to get this working well in VR

@SweViver im looking at you.


Game is trash…

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Sorry, my face is tired from dealing with…

Solid disagree.
Its certainly worse than the previous ones in many ways but overall i quite liked andromeda.
-Best combat/gameplay by far.
-Massive amount of squad interaction/banter as well as conversation with you. (Sure not all great but hey not all of ME1’s is that fantastic when you go back and look objectively).
-Story was decent, though not great. I think with a lot of what was setup the sequel would have had a very interesting story (journey was because reapers were known about, geth possibly being the ones funding the whole trip, quarian ark being late possibly with geth aboard etc), but well we probably wont ever get that now.
-MP horde mode was very similar to ME3s just with the improved combat, so that was great.
Honestly i think everyone was overly harsh on it for its first outing. it 100% had issues but i dont think they overshadow the good parts anywhere near as much as everyone says online.

As for the actual topic on hand, i am quite excited to give this a shot and also would be very happy to see some other people’s experience with it so i can know how it is going in. (i wont be able to play for a while)


Interesting, thanks! I will give it a go, but most likely after the weekend when Im back on track with doing videos. :slight_smile:


Yeah i played it after the updates and its quite nice. Not as terrible as it was made out to be.

haha…hopefully its easier to do than Zelda.

Hahahahahahahahahah suuuuuuuuure

Thats exactly what i mean dumbo. If you cherry pick the worst parts of any game you can make it look like sh*t. And thats all anyone does for this game.

This is also all release day stuff. And sure it is important to call out devs for releasing a game in a worse state than they should, but they have done several updates which improve the animations and such.

Anyway you are clearly just a sh*tposter that doesnt actually want to talk about it or anything, so I’m not gonna bother replying again.

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Dumbo? Haha… you sound salty AF… enjoy your VR experience

“My face is tired”