MAS counterweight for €7.20!

Alright, title is maybe slightly misleading but it’s technically true. By it costing €7.20 I mean that you’ll want 72 ten cent coins.

Which amounts to 296g, about the ideal counterweight for an 8K X or 5K Super:

I wanted to make a counterweight that wasn’t hanging down, was cheap and easy to replicate, so decided to go with coins and tape. Will be making 3D printed covers to make it look tidier and will also properly line it up etc, this was just a test to see how it works and to do for the time being.

To quickly sum it up, I made 12 stacks of 6 coins and then covered them in tape and used a strong double sided adhesive like command strips or such to mount it onto the back of the strap. I think this design could actually be made to look pretty good.

As you can see, it’s pretty close to perfectly balanced:

Good cheap option, takes minimal effort, and works well!


ive been doing this for a while with quarters and double sided tape

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I bought mine


I love their stuff, have the DAS one already but trying to be frugal and had some time on my hands today. Would definitely recommend studioform creative’s stuff any day though, if you’re willing to pay.


Yeah. It’s more expensive than using money. Heh.

The way you’ve done it looks kind neat really.

A consideration is being able to lay on it. Since I do FBT in VRChat, I’m not necessarily just standing. I can be sitting or laying down. And I have found the studioform weights to be durable for laying on my back. I suspect they may even be protecting the knob a bit.

Your design looks like it would do similar if its durable enough.


I also did to try this myself in different ways(actually 2) and endet up in buying the overpriced studio one.
because i was not satisfied woth the outcome.
But its nice and also stabilizes the cord.

i usually built stuff myself, because it fits my familie and living room better.

Anyway thank you for showin, another way !

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lol , genius idea!!!

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