Mamut VR Apto 2.0 gun stock

So, this is not a full review as such, I just wanted to make more VR enthusiasts aware of the existence of this thingy, as not many in my circle imagined things like that exist and work.

I’ve been playing a shooting range game and had fun with pistols, but rifles were unmanageable. So I began to look around and I found Mamut VR Apto 2.0 rifle stock. I chose it over competition because I wanted to mount my Index Controllers from the bottom. I also wasn’t a fan of 3D printed parts used elsewhere, and I am skeptical of battery powered recoil.

In short – it is a big success to me. I am more precise with rifles now than with pistol (just as IRL) and I complete levels in all stars rather than barely making them.
There are video reviews on the Youtube, I’d like to add/emphasize some things on top of them:

• Some people claim that stock is not stable/sturdy, not sure if I have improved version, but mine is stable and nothing gets loose. The only bit of freedom is where magnets connect and a tiny bit on the controller mount. It took couple of days of patient tightening of parts until they settled, and I suspect some reviewers rushed into review without giving it time.
• There’s some occlusion, but not enough to ruin gameplay, it does not bother me.
• Mounts scratch my controllers, but I personally don’t care, it might be an issue for some though.
• I really, really would like to encourage people to spend time adjusting stock. It is extremely flexible and you need to invest time into getting best out of it.
• I did not notice any problems using controllers without stock, but mounts/magnets add a bit of weight.

Overall, it exceeded my expectations and I never experienced more fun game shooting and I’ve been shooting most lightgun games that ever came out.

note: since I took this picture I assembled it to be entirely straight.


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