Making a Unity game in extended mode for Pimax 4k

HI please help i want to build a simple game for pimax headet in ‘extended mode’ but am unable to .
Note : my Graphics card does not support Direct mode /Pimax mode so i want to develop in extended mode like Affected the Manor Game

I am making a horror game for vr to show as my college exhibition

I have the pimax unitypackage asset but for god sake!!! can some one tell me how to use it i am unable to i tried each and every thing on the internet but could not do it it give me the following error :point_down:i am attacthing a screen shot of all the errors i am not a very master in these thing but am eager to learn Please help… :slight_smile:

@Shripad Hi, could you tell me which SDK you used?

Yes i used this one i am giving a link with this message with this message i got this unitypackage from this website only some one gave it to me

you can download it here now! MEGA key: !Ma9riQ1cL1CSY-IXkIq95Jhc7B87dDlGKRQjYzyKs8c This is a beta version, and you need to install Piplay first, and then you can open it.

:point_up_2: this is the message i recived a while ago from some people