Makes no sense! Please help :)

Ok, this makes no sense!

On PC1, the dropdowns are extending correctly, all INSIDE the canvas/UI.
On PC2, the dropdoens are often (not always) extending OUTSIDE the canvas/UI.

Question is… how are your dropdowns showing, inside or outside the canvas/UI window?

I have no clue why its so random!

Heres an example how it looks correctly (PC1), but on PC2, the dropdown shows above:


on a flatscreen i’d look at screen resolutions and scaling, because dropdowns are often moved if the screen render thinks in needed to show all of it before it starts making them smaller and add scrolling etc. in 3d space i haven’t got the foggiest.


Yeah but in this case is just totally random…

Guys, could you test Beta 0.36 and report where (for example) the Settings->Load Profile dropdown extends? Up or down?

Big thanks!


Is there a chance that it’s related to a user keeping the “Mono” folder inside the PVRHome folder?

I haven’t tested but thought it might be related.



Hmm I dont think so, but good catch!

I always remove all files from PVRHome (the empty galaxy) before I copy PE files. This way the Mono directory isnt there.

I really recommend all of you to remove these files first before copying PVRHome Beta files.

Btw I think I found the cause to the dropdown issue. Its super weird. Will let you know when its 100% solved

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Ok, problem solved (tested on all 3 PCs).

Seems like the Canvas group had incorrect sorting layer. Jeez… Unity is such a b*tch when it comes to these small things. Can take days to troubleshoot, and suddenly one single click solves it.

New zip/rar uploaded! (Beta_0.36d)