Make the upscaler configurable

Hi @PimaxVR,

Is the upscalling fixed or software adjustable? I ask this because the new HTC Vive Pro now has a higher resolution. In turn SteamVR has to send a higher resolution to the HMD. Is it possible to configure Pimax 8k to take advantage of this higher resolution for sharper images, and sharper still as SteamVR increases fidelity? Did I make sense, or did I use the word “resolution” too much?


Htc vive pro has 2x1440x1600 pixels
8k sends 2x2560x1440 pixels upscales that to 2x3840x2160 pixels

So you see vive pro has not “higher resolution”.

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Remember this:
Compare blue (Vive Pro) with pink (Pimax 5K).

Are you sure the input is 2x2560x1440, or is this the stretched version that’s upscaled to 2x3840x2160? What is the input from the video card, itself?

If the input from the card was 2x2560x1400 then there would be no stretching necessary.

They have already said many times there is no stretching…

That´s not how SteamVR works.
SteamVR already renders at a higher resolution which natively is higher then the rift or vive could drive.
Then it scales the image down to the native resolution of the connected HMD. (google DSR, SteamVR scale factors,…)
With the Pimax 4k you can already set two scaling factors, one in PiPlay (the software Pimax uses, a general factor that tells steamvr which resolution the HMD wants to get)* and also one in SteamVR (a extra factor at which software should be rendered before giving to the hmd)*. So you will be able to get the maximum fidelity your GPU can handle.

Also the Pimax 4k takes a 2560x1440 signal, which is already higher then the one of the Vive Pro, which works really well without any downsides.

*if you set them high enough everything looks like a rendered movie, also you get like 3 fps, and can expierience a new level of noussea

2560x1440 has the same aspect ratio as 3840x2160, therefore there is no stretching or changing aspect ratios involved in the process

I hope 1x upscale mode option too.
Input resolution 2x2560x1440 and display 2x2560x1440(1x upscale. the space around image is black) @80-90Hz.
Or Input resolution 2x3840x2160 pixels @ low FPS
It provide more sharp image.