Magic Leap Video Review

So, I guess the NDA was lifted today and this heavily hyped product is getting rather flat reviews.


A lilght, non-enclosed pure AR headset like that… what did anyone expect? 50° FOV is really bad to be honest. There’s not much better in this compared to Hololens.
Did I hear her say this company has BILLIONS in investment from Google and whatnot? And this is what they bring Wtf? Sure this is bleeding edge tech and extremely complicated, I get that. But still, this is pretty underwhelming.

The marketing was the vision. They did a great job of hyping the vision. Sadly this is the reality.

The marketing described a whale leaping out of a floor at a school gym which looked amazing. Instead they delivered a little badly tracked sprite that throws a rock.

Considering they have 1,500 employees and a massive budget. You would think they could have come up with better software to showcase it too. Instead it looks like a demo group got a weekend bash with it.

Hololens v3 (they skipped v2 for lack of competition) has been in dev for a several years now so why would people consider this?

We need AR advancement but this falls flat on its arse at first impressions.

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This is a nice breakdown from somebody that just received it.