Made some 3D printable prescription lens holders for the Crystal

Sharing here for anyone that might find them useful:

That’s kewl, but wonder what impact to FoV that would have.
For an additional cost, I wonder if PIMAX themselves couldn’t make custom prescription lens inserts.

Zero impact on FOV personally, my eyes don’t get that close to the lenses (and I already get pretty much max FOV, any closer and I get that awkward square box look with no real fov improvement).

Pimax probably could make custom lenses but considering the difficulty in getting the non-custom lenses produced, I wouldn’t expect it to happen (at least not anytime soon).

I guess to me, it’s really about how far one’s eyes will be away from any ‘optimal’ placement in order to achieve the best FoV results. Considering glasses will impact one’s eyes to be further away than one without glasses, I tend to have confidence that wearing glasses will not improve, and will have a higher % to reduce max achievable FoV.

Yeah, glasses definitely won’t improve the FOV but the height of these lenses is still much lower than the distance of my eyes to them, the facial foam stops me getting any closer. Normally I would go for thing facial foam and get as close as possible but with the Crystal’s lenses that doesn’t actually seem to be a good thing to do, you max out the FOV at a much further distance and any closer just seems to contribute to eye strain.