M1 closed beta update 0712

Hi Enthusiasts,

Thanks a lot for your passion about Pimax 8K!

As mentioned in the founder announcement (link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pimax8kvr/pimax-the-worlds-first-8k-vr-headset/posts/2225752), the obstacles that prevent us from mass production have been eliminated.

The team and the testers are working together to speed up the product iterations. We will ship the new hardware to some of the testers soon.

Only the beta tester reviews of the final hardware and software, and the official announcements, are the trustworthy sources of information.

Please stay tuned for the in-depth reviews of Pimax 5K and 8K from the testers when the closed beta ends!

EDIT: NDA should be lifted after the closed beta and before Kickstarter shipping, we will share a date with you when the closed beta ends.

The beta testers:



Hi, interesting news.
@deletedpimaxrep1, Does it mean there is another refined build that will be sent for testers?


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Yes, we are taking the suggestions from testers and improved the hardware.


so we can call it M2 now ? or the new unit is the finall one ? @deletedpimaxrep1


this is admirable diplomacy.

Glad the beta testing is working out well. I know that while the backers want a good headset, its even more important for pimax as a company that that be the case. We have a bit of money on the line, but with 15 mil investments the 8k is a make or break product for pimax. I’m rooting for you to make it.



Well, I think I’ll close my computer for the coming 24 hours, don’t want to be on the line of sight of the “Flame Throwers” “fans” :cold_sweat:.

I hope that next iteration will be golden.

Good Luck


By hardware you mean the HMD itself or accessories such as the foam pad? After the previous update i understood the hardware was ready. Can you give us an estimate of how much delay this new iteration will cause? I know we are in beta stage, things are moving fast and every status update may contradict the previous one, but the official release to backer is still Q3. Are you still confident this can be met or we can forget it already?


Thanks for update. Good to see you are tackling problems head on. Better to get the release right instead of being rushed by time.


So the way I read it; there is now an “M2” version if you will that will get shipped to the testers. This should be the final version of the headset which will get mass produced for us. Meanwhile the previous version is already in production for some business customers and such.

This m2 version, being the final one, will see the nda lifted and the testers will be able to publish their reviews on it?

This “final” testing phase will by all acounts likely take several weeks again, I fear :frowning:

Great news! I am very happy to read that you took the suggestions of the betatesters and modified the hardware.
Yes it is another delay but if it is for a more refined product I am willing to wait.

A big thanks to the betatesters as well for making our product better!


For me this update basicly means no delivery in this europe summer , this is sad becouse I have a lot of free time now…

That`s good news :slight_smile:

I hope this will be the final iteration, and receive my 8K before september :wink:

Wait so that means more months of delay? You said new hardware…, i mean come on, we already know how hard previously hardware shipped to the testers. Took ~1month. Means neither in August you will start the shipping. A more close date to shipping will be September. Meh, more delays again… . Nothing new in the update as we already know testers are already receiving new builds of software.
But you never said anything about shipping again a new hardware…last time you said you are pleased with the M1 hardware.

I’m kinda dissapointed.

I was really expecting really good news today related to the shipping, seems not.

I did not read this. I read it as they took the feedback, made changes, now shipping those changes back to testers to see if addressed adequately in the updated units. There is always the chance an M3 might be needed as well. Lets hope not, but anything is possible. At least we know a couple of the testers get the deliveries of their test units fairly quickly once actually sent. The others, well hopefully it speeds up for them this next round. Faster the new test units in hand, the faster they can check em out. It may be safe to assume that a 2nd round of testing is much shorter as long as new issues aren’t introduced into the updated units. I mean Sweviver should not need to replicate his M1 testing all over again. He knows at this point what to look for on the new units. Same with the other testers I am sure.

I actually am feeling even more confident this hmd may just be everything I was hoping it would be. I mean until we get better panels and gpus…and associated gen2 or 3 tech adoption. I think this might carry me for a while.


Except for @SweViver and @mixedrealityTV, others should not receive the units, it took 2 freaking weeks or more for them to get the god damn package where @SweViver and @mixedrealityTV got them in few days only which is acceptable. Others should be omitted, they are the reason why the shipping was moving so slow due their country they live in and other issues they got there.

@deletedpimaxrep1 send to @SweViver and @mixedrealityTV ONLY if you want to speed up shipping and move to production ASAP. They are the most reliable testers from all 10 you have there, others seem pretty useless regarding this.

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Check todays date :wink: But really, again, you’re being way too pushy. It won’t have any effect, do you realize that? They’re not going to change whatever it is they’re doing because you type your perceived solutions in a forum post here. I understand you want to put it out there but be more realistic, they will work towards speedy delivery but certainly not before everything is green lighted and that process will take the time it takes. Some delays at customs is the least of the schedule disruptors.


Doesn’t mater the date, what it matters, there will be again ~1month of waiting just for stupid shipping. This is what pisses me off the most.

If i had to take wild guess they shipped them some new foam. Now this being said, its been weeks since tests began, so if an issue was identified immediately its possible they did some minor retooling to master , like removing a little material around the seams/ button holes etc to make the seams more robust/ prevent cracking. If the seam weakness etc was identified during drop testing they probably shipped to testers and began those modifications to moulds immediately.

Now the reason i think its foam and not a new tooling is there is no material benefit to shipping a revised m1 just for internal structural changes. shipping foam or even a headstrap makes sense.

edit also i think other person was making a friday the 13th joke


My thoughts for this update are:

  • they do not specify any dates that mean they don’t know when or how long…
  • they don’t call it M2 or finall so again they don’t know if there will be more M…

They also said that obstacles preventing them form mass production are eliminated this is a bit funny becouse they just annouced new iteration of hardware to test. :slight_smile: