Lynx Update is exciting


How is 90 degree fov exciting?


at least the lens design is interesting, maybe it has some potential when developed further
i do remember a video here in the forum from last year where different lens designs where shown (the one above among it) and beside close distance capability’s (lens - panel) there where also options to have more then one display per eye to get high resolutions per eye

  • 90 degree fov is pretty good for MR headsets compared to MS Hololens 2 with 52 degree fov.
  • Ultraleap handtracking running on Android is impressive as LeapMotion did not go beyond an alpha version on android due lack of available compute power or too much power consumption on mobile.
  • AR video-passtrough provides perfect opaqueness and realtime depthmaps allows for perfect occulsion.
  • Attractive price point when compared to MS hololens 2 or Varjo XR-1.
  • Many more things. Please also check the RoadToVR arcticle:
    LYNX MR Headset Reveals Compact Redesign, September Release Date

I’m looking forward to recreate a demo from 2018 which used a setup with Rift CV1+ZED Mini+LeapMotion on PC now on a standlone device:

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