Lowering Supersampling to 0.9 to get a stable 90hz?

So it sounds like the reason that the v3 headset is set to 75hz right now is because its having a hard time pushing the data consistently at 90hz. Would lowering the Supersampling allow for that data to be pushed more consistently?

Honestly it’s pointless to keep fixating on the 75hz thing… The important fact to take away from what Pimax said is that they purposely limited the refresh rate for the demonstration. It is not a hardware limitation, they simply need to keep optimizing their software/firmware.

But it is a hardware limitation. They specifically said that the clock rate, cable length, display adapter FPC, EMI desense issue are things that can cause the Hz to drop below 90hz and that they can’t account for the manufactures to make the hardware perfect each time. I’m just wondering if they can’t get it to reliably stay at 90hz would downsampling to 0.9 fix the issue? That’s still a huge resolution bump up from the Vive or Rift.

If cable length is an issue, I dont see why 60hz with brainwarp to boost to 90hz (30 more frames,) would be an issue. They could also do 3840x2160 on the base model that way.

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I don’t think brainwarp works like that. If it essentially shows one eye a frame at a time but at twice the rate then you could only ever double the frames.

so then 60 would give 120

Yea but the question is does it feel like 120fps? You’re using the same amount of frames but at double the refresh rate (with one eye seeing nothing?), not sure I’d trust it to magically allow for double the performance as they claim.

Well, my point is, they demoed the V3 (which is just the base 8k) on a rig with a 1080 and an E5 according to @Matthew.Xu, and even that PC is struggling to stay at 75hz consistently.

The 1080 and an E5 is higher spec than their listed min spec machine.

Its not going to be acceptable to ask most people to throw down $600 on the HMD and then to add $799 on a GPU to drive the 8k.

If they could do low persistence at 60fps, and not drop any frames while coupled with spacewarp, I think it would iron the issue out.

They could also use 4:2:0 Chroma subsampling to deliver native 4k at 60hz

Its fine to shoot for 75 or 90 hz, but if the majority of GPUs cant even drive it, where is the logic?

Their running a 1080 on a laptop which is equivalent to a 1070 on a desktop.

you realise it was the same with oculus and rift?
1 year and halfago, there was no 1080 gtx.
highest was 980 gtx ti …now tell me who has such cards and you remember the cost of that carD?
Do you even realise HMD VR is for high end gamers?
It is not for people who only wanna throw 200$ at a 3d card and play with that card for 3 years or more.
Those who wanted oculus or vive also upgraded their gpu…nothing changed with today.
I dont think even 20% of the gamers are using high end cards.
Most people will not throw +500$ at a 3d card unless its your hobby and your way of life.

So ask yourself do you wanna play with HMD that need always more power, otherwise just buy vive because you can run it with today generation card easy. And when volta comes out, people like me will upgrade to make more benefit…other people will not upgrade, and that is the difference between those who make this their hobby and throw money at it, and those who want to experience the same thing but don’t want to throw a lot of money but still insist on having the best experience…it just doesn’t work like that.

That is like demanding every 3d card to be able to run 60fps on 4k monitor…only a couple cards can do that…but you don’t see people complaining about it…because they understand this very fact, 4k is very demanding . not everyone has a 4k screen… Just remember what league you are in…because 4k monitors is almost like VR in this way. You wait 2 years and you will enjoy it too for little money, or you pay high price now and can enjoy now.

You buy 4k screen, well you also need to upgrade to best gpu or you have low fps and thats stupid, so better stay at 1080p w ith very high fps . if you don’t have the money wait for next generation gpu and maybe then you can upgrade screen to 4k.

Same with VR HMD, you want to buyone of the latest tech, but expect it to run as smooth as old tech?
thats silly and stupid expectation.

my 2 cents


The reason we supersampling is because of the SDE on Vive. Now that there is very little SDE on Pimax 8K, i don’t think I need to do supersampling. This means i can jack up the Project Cars graphics settings even higher?

Can we get back on topic. I’m just wondering if lowering the sample rate will allow for 90hz on the headset? @deletedpimaxrep1 unshu
I figure the limiting factor of hitting 90hz is bandwidth so lowering the data should help hit 90hz, correct? Most modern monitors allow you to set a higher refresh rate if you run it at a lower resolution.

Even if pimax can figure out how to get it working at 90hz consistently on Display Port 1.4, the fact is it won’t run that quick on Display Port 1.2. Lowering the Sample Rate could possibly allow people with a 980ti to still be able to play at 90hz if their willing to sacrifice some resolution.

I feel like slightly dipping the res should make 80hz attainable no?

This is the worst idea I’ve ever read. Supersampling itself does not increase or decrease the bandwidth, because even though more or less pixels get rendered internally, the amount of pixels sent from the GPu remain the same. How would you be able to render with supersampling set to 5 times the amount of pixels rendered normally, if supersampling did increase the amount of pixels sent to the HMD? That’s not remotely how it works. What you mean is lowering the input resolution of the HMD even further than it already is (2x2560x1440). Yes, you COULD do that and it would take a resolution of about 2428x1366 pixels per eye to achieve 90Hz… On the other hand I don’t think that this would upscale well, even if you then use supersampling.