Low fps in dcs explained?

Hi guys. I’m still struggling a bit here and there with low frame rates in digital combat simulator. However I think I’ve got the cars narrow down! There seems to be a problem in communication between pitools the PE experience and steam. I was having trouble with the PE experience so I closed it and shut it down and simply used to pitools. Then I would change the settings in steam using the settings control and steam VR. I discovered that this put my frame rate back to 38 frames per second even when I set everything low in pitools and adjusted resolution per eye in steam.
So…then I rebooted the PE and found bizarrely high settings for resolution. I reduced that and reset fov to 170 and quality back up to 2. Then I exited the PE and launched DCS from mygames in PT. Bingo! 60-75fps.
Unfortunately it reverted after I closed the game. Interesting, no?