Lost tracking issue when I touch pimax 8k by hand. too sensitivity

If I hold the device by hand, Pimax8k lost tracking

A description of the video.

  1. You can see that tracking was successful at the beginning of the video and that both the base station and the controller headset are being held.

  2. However, when I hold the Pimax device by hand, the tracking is lost and you can confirm that the picture out in Pimax lens. At the same time, it indicates that it is missing tracking of the headset from the Pitool and Steam VR both.

I’ve tried down below

  1. Testing two versions of PiTool
  2. Reinstall and move the base station( but controller does not lose tracking, so it is not the reason)
  3. Pimax headset position check. (but it is not happen on my head-not touch)

look in https://community.openmr.ai/t/pimax-official-special-gift-for-backers-thanks-for-all-of-you-guys/14986/23
there you can see where the holes for the sensor are…and surprise…most of them are at the side. So you are covering them when you touch the case from the side…

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Yes it’s either that or this

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Hi Erai,

Are you a backer or order?

Yes it seems the majority of the sensors are on the angled edges right where you would grab it. The only way i found to cut down on the effect is to grab it directly on the center of the face. Hope this helps you as well.

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Video doesn’t show the location of the your lighthouses, which is probably the most important factor.


Looks to me like you are blocking the only sensors visible to your lighthouses… touching it is probably making no difference, you are covering up a bunch of sensors with your hand…

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Same issue here, never had this with the vive, it looks like pimax didn’t put enough redundant sensors and it’s only natural to adjust the headset by grabbing the side. Kinda surprised if you have two lighthouses in opposite corners like you are supposed to that if you lift by one side it still greys out and loses tracking though as you would think the sensors on the other edges would still work. I wonder if lighthouse 2.0 is any better as I have the old school 1.0

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@PimaxUSA reports v2.0 seem to be less finicky.

My solution to lost tracking (and it works 99% of the time) is to simply wave my hand and arm slowly from top to bottom in front of the HMD.

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you can also hold or grab the rubber facial interface from either side without interferring with the sensors.

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