Looking forward to the weekend - updated with first impressions

It’s been a long wait, but here’s to no dead pixels, broken pieces rattling around, light leakage and a smooth setup process! The workday can’t end here soon enough!


Which headset did you receive? Congrats.

5k+, backer #138. Setup went smoothly, well kinda, but can’t seem to get 6dof tracking working. Base stations are being detected just fine. Also Vive controllers are far off in the distance. Tried PiTool setup and steamvr setup multiple times. Any suggestions?

and did you get it running?

Just solved it, deleted the folder C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Pimax\runtime\config\lighthouse, then restarted and pitool started tracking correctly. Then did SteamVR setup and works now.

First impressions, FOV is really great, things have improved greatly since I demoed the headset at a meetup last spring. Colors are pretty washed out compared to Vive Pro but I’ll deal with it for the big FOV. I can faintly make out strange green dots if I look on a black background and change my eye focal point to look at the lenses instead of off in the distance (if that makes any sense). It’s not a big deal, but what’s strange is I can only see this with my left eye and not my right. It’s not a deal breaker and I won’t exchange it due to this. Just makes me wonder if staying with the 8k would have been a better choice. It is nice and sharp though. Overall I’m happy and just need more time to play around.

Update, green dots are very noticeable in Elite Dangerous, but I don’t see them at all in Aerofly FS2. My two most played titles. Very torn.


my vive has green spots as well. i dont mind them because in action i never notice them at all.
but for a brand new product i would ask for a replacement.

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Thanks for the impressions.

Elite Dangerous is my most played game, and following it will be whatever space sim next adds VR support… So colours and blacks, in space, and those green dots and anything like that are important for me to hear - more than SDE.

I’m not worried about SDE as much, as in the Rift I see it but don’t care. Smaller pixels may be more important to me than no SDE. But those other points are being repeated a little from Elite Dangerous players, as opposed to backers who simply try out Elite in a Pimax headset for demo or headset review purposes - You’re a CMDR and know what to look for in ED, and I think that validates your opinion a little more, to me.

Recently, I’m leaning back towards the 8k.

I thought I had made my decision, I was out… But they keep pulling me back in!


I’m not trying to sway your (or anyone else’s) opinion, but because you have been using a Rift (with OLED panels), you really might be happier with the (slightly improved) blacks and colors on an 8K. My primary VR app will also be Elite Dangerous, which suffers from serious aliasing imo, so the softer look of an 8K might yield a more pleasing image (for me).


I use the Vive as well… heh. I like the colour much better in the Vive, the SDE better in the rift, the rift is more comfortable for longer periods and the reprojection works better than the Steam offering. You have to use higher super sampling on the Vive than the Rift to get a closer match to image quality, but the colours in the Rift are a little washed out. But, even in that, I used to always use my Vive over the Rift just because of the colours. I think I should have just backed both headsets, really.

An important point for me, is I already have no trouble reading the cockpit text, so 5k+ or 8k it’s only going to be better no matter which HMD I get.

I’ve been thinking about the scaler chip as hardware anti aliasing, too.

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Going by some of the screen shot I have seen the scaler chip seam to make the aliasing more pronounced.
My main game will be elite as I have 11week (1848 hours) total in game so far on a OG Vive, so 5k+ and 8K will be way better that what I have, but I am still in favor of the 5k+

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That’s the safe choice; most people seem to prefer it.