Looking for hand tracking module apps

Hi, I should receive the hand tracking module soon, so I’m looking for apps and games that are compatible with it. Do you have some links to share? And over all, is it compatible with X-Plane 11 and Flight Simulator 2020?
Thank you.


At the bottom of the following guide you will find some links to things you can try:

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I saw that, there are some little apps in Leap Motion gallery but I expect more than playing with a couple of cubes or spheres ^^

If you’re up to playing around with things, this software turns your hands into controllers in SteamVR! Your gestures get translated to “button” pushes. Installation is easy, just follow the instructions on the Readme.

PimaxUSA just pointed this software out to us on a different thread and I’m just now starting to play with it. So far, I’m just learning to use gestures in SteamVR, I plan on playing with it in different games/experiences tomorrow or so.
Definitely has potential but I think it needs some love from SweViver and Arminelec.

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Thank you.
Does anyone know about xp 11 and fs2020? I’d like use my hotas for navigation and hand tracking to interact with the plane dashboard, is that possible?

I could be wrong, but to my knowledge, you can use the emulator that I linked to use your hands as controllers in game but neither of those has native hand tracking support. DCS has motion controller support to the point that you can actually “poke” your buttons, but the others are just going to be controller emulations.

You can try Neos VR on Steam. Has full body and hand tracking support.

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Have you tried it? I played around a little with it last night and found that, while it sees my hands (yay!), getting any interaction going with my hands was extremely iffy and only happened at all when the controllers were on. Then it would confuse the two. Grip works just fine, but nothing else with any reliability.
I didn’t see any talk about it, either, other than the dev releasing a video of someone showing their hands in VRChat.

Yes. I did try it. Please be aware of the setting options. You can set the distance when NeosVR switches between the hand tracking and the controllers. Grab and dual grab pinch gesture for sizing objects. Yes, these are limited interaction capabilities, but its a start. We have a typical hen and egg problem with hand tracking right now. I guess first there simply need to be more devices that have hand tracking capability build in. BTW: Neos hand tracking even works with build-in cameras of the Vive and Vive Pro.

So the hand tracking was detected and software was downloaded and installed. I can use the Hand Tracking in Pi Experience but when I launch DCS I have no hands and it just doesn’t seem to know anything about it. Weird thing is I don’t see Leapmotion in the Device Manager at all. Again it is working in PiExperience

Well, that’s a start.
To have hands in SteamVR, you need to download and install/enable the emulator.
To have hands in an application running in SteamVR without the emulator, the game needs to have support for hand tracking. The only one that I know of is NeosVR, and that seems to be for appearances, actual functionality seems extremely iffy and limited. I think VRChat might have support but I haven’t tried that one.

okay thanks. I have seen videos of people using it in DCS so it must be the emulator. is this emulator from Leapmotion?

No. It’s an emulator that someone made to make hand tracking work in DCS.
This is the thread where we were discussing it.

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