Looking for distributors


Affiliate please. I ever ask about distributer, it look we have to buy a big lot.

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You know that i love what your company is doing, however i’m not sure the forum is going to be the best place to fill this role. especially when most of us would have absolutely no idea what this role entails.

What forum members could do, is gather the names of VR arcades in our countries and pass on lists of their contact details. Would that be useful?


Asking for the sales team in case there are distributors here.
We already have a list of distributors, but feel free to let us know if you wish certain arcade in your country to use 8k/5k plus.

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Will look into a few places after my 5 on shift.

@deletedpimaxrep1 will the PiMAX 5K+/8K be sold through Amazon in the same way you do the 4K currently?


Should be one of the channels.


Try selling them at German computer store www.alternate.de
They do distribution all over Europe and have webshops in the following country’s:
alternate.nl / alternate.be / alternate.at / alternate.dk / alternate.de / alternate.es / alternate.pl /
alternate.fr / alternate.it / alternate.co.uk / alternate.ch / alternate.lu

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Best choice for Poland would be X-kom

Indeed, alternate.be is the only store in Belgium or Netherlands that sells the Pimax 4K.

Coolblue.be is probably the biggest tech stuff website around here.
I’d also suggest bol.com, the biggest web store in Belgium and the Netherlands.

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I Newegg is in there list of distrubuters

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Hi Pimax Team

Any update on confirmed distributors please?


Might want to check with MontVR.com
They are a VR Arcade company that organizes events and own many venues in Quebec, Canada.

In Spain, the most logical distributor for VR I think it should be pccomponentes.com. It’s a very big and realiable distributor that deliver all type of electronics, including VR headsets from the main companies.

try coolblue,the best service here in holland!

Memory Express is a large retailer in Canada.
Newegg (.com .ca)
Amazon (.com. ca .fr .co.uk etc.)

The Rec Room (owned by Cineplex Odeon, they have a VR Arcade section with Vive’s in addition to other amenities)
-5 locations in Canada, this would be a great way to spread awareness of your product.

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