Looking for an unwanted eyetracking unit for research work

Hi everyone - I am a postgrad weeks researcher here in Spain and for the last few years I have been working on harnessing eye tracking technology to allow people with disabilities and learning difficulties that make it difficult for them to use traditional input devices such as mice and keyboards, to interact with various softwares we have designed to allow them to have virtual meetings, interact with virtual digital spaces etc.

We have several Pimax units which we use for this research but amazingly I only just recently found out that the fabled eye tracking module had been released and that at this moment it is not going to be useful for games or DFR use, plus the usb3 interface cockup.

I am very interested in getting hold of one of these units and taking it apart to see if we could use it as a cheap replacement for the expensive eye trackers we are currently using.

As I am keen to get started on a teardown ASAP and I know a lot of you have the currently useless eye trackers still in their boxes unused, I wanted to ask if anyone here on OpenMR who lives within the EU (Not UK due to the Brexit customs problems) had an eye tracking unit they would be willing to sell at a discount and and send us here in Spain.

Many thanks,


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Bump in case anyone is looking to get rid of their eyetracking unit or has a spare coupon from one of the backer packs.


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