Looking for 90hz settings squadrons 8kx

I finally got the 8kx working at 90hz, now I’m working on getting squadrons to 90hz. I have a 3090 ftw3 ultra and a 10900k. If anyone has some settings they could share with me it would be appreciated. Thanks.

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@vrgamerdude has done a fair number of youtube videos on SW:Squadron and may have setting info in one of his descriptions or videos.

Yeah, though I don’t think he has a 3090.

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True enough. However with a baseline you can bump settings from there. Just keep in mind squadrons is said to be Vram heavy. Though your should be fine with the 3090.


I have created 30 profiles Pimax 8KX with RTX 3090 and uploaded them to the Pimax Cloud. (default profile)

I can tell you from experience that the RTX 3090 is sometimes much too slow and too weak to play all games with 90hz and high settings.

most games run best at 75hz. but 90hz is lacking in many games.

I think with an RTX 4090 or 4090Ti there probably won’t be any problems.

but at the moment a 3090 is not enough to make everything perfect.


even at 75hz i’m on all medium/low and still have to subsample to 60% :frowning: parallel projection and forced taa even on low are brutal on this one. with a 3080 and 8kx


Wow that’s what I wanted; Could you please share me the cloud profiles? :heart_eyes:

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I uploaded them all to Pimax Experience.

they are available to everyone.


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