Looking for 3d printer help

I know several of you have some experience with 3d printers. I basically know nothing about them but find myself becoming more and more interested. I ran across this kickstarter today https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ivi3d/ivi-the-closed-loop-3d-printer?ref=thanks-recommendations

Looking for any comments, whether it might be worth a shot, etc. Thank you for any info

Autobed leveling is a good feature to have.

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There is no need for KS in 3D printers, there are already many available good printers. For example CREALITY ENDER 3 or CR 10 are cheap and produce very good quality prints. They are popular and you’ll find a good community. Sure they don’t look as fancy as the one in KS, but you can get it in few days and won’t take risk being scammed.

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Going to be interesting to see how this pans out: That thing looks extremely much like the “Tiko”, which I backed, and which ended up crashing and burning, when production proved much less reliable than the designers had hoped, and they ran out of money: At that time, the plan was to have rails and everything being part of the extruded unibody shell – this was what was going to make it so cheap and rigid, but turned out to be its weakness, when the contractor just couldn’t mass manufacture it to such tight specifications, and results left early backers severely disappointed with their failing units.

These guys seem to resort to solid discrete parts for the critical bits, though.

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@Quadrophenia This looks eerily similar to a failed KS I backed called Tiko.


My suggestion, don’t. I’m pretty sure this KS is done by the same people behind Tiko. So avoid at all costs.

I recommend Fennec’s suggestion to get Creality Ender 3 or CR10s. Very good 3d printers, easy to assemble and maintain.

EDIT: @jojon well hello there fellow conned-by-Tiko buddy.

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Have you bought or still looking? If you are still looking than once check on Reecoupons because I bought a Dell laser 3D printer last month from there and believe me by using discounted codes its save almost half of my money, and yeah its also working very well.

Snapmaker are good too if they are looking for a multipurpose machine as well as prusa if you want just a great printer.

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